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6 Worst Makeup Mistakes Indian Women Make

6 Make-up Mistakes Indian Women Make

They say that makeup is an art form. No wonder so many women are frightened by the concept, especially in today’s times where it is easy to get overwhelmed while trying to find and figure out. So whether you’re a makeup newbie or a pro, these tips are sure to help you re-charge your make-up routine!

6 Worst Makeup Mistakes Indian Women Make

1. Heavy Kajal

Makeup mistakes-Heavy Kajal

We are all guilty of this one. Kajal is one of the most essential products you will find in any Indian woman’s makeup bag, and we get carried away with it sometimes. The problem here is applying a thick line of kajal right on the lower waterline. While it may seem that this product makes the eyes look bigger, it actually does the opposite! An easy way to fix this is to apply the product on your lash line, and apply a cream pencil on your waterline. This will do wonders for making your eyes appear rounder and bigger.

2. Wrong Shade Of Foundation 

Makeup mistakes-Wrong Shade Of Foundation

This is another frequently seen makeup mistake Indian ladies make. In a bid to make their skin appear fairer, they use lighter shades of foundation or concealer in their routine. This is problematic for various reasons. The first is that you should love yourself, the way you were born! Makeup is meant to enhance your natural features, not cover them up. Secondly, using the incorrect shade can really age you, and will look caked on, which is definitely not the ideal look. So, the next time you are buying a foundation, make sure to match the color up to your upper neck or jawline so that it can blend seamlessly both into your neck and face.

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3. Boxy Eyebrows

Makeup mistakes-Boxy Eyebrows  

An important tip to realize when filling in your eyebrows is that they are meant to be darkened only if your eyebrow hairs are very fine or sparse. Many of us are often blessed with a full set of eyebrows, so not everyone even needs to buy eyebrow products. For the ones that do, however, don’t make the mistake of making your eyebrows, all the same, darkness. They will look quite unnatural and drawn on this way. The best way to fill them in is to start at the sparse areas, making the tail end darker than the front end. Lightly blend the pencil at the start of your eyebrows to mimic the shorter hairs there, and you’re all set!

4. Caking On Powder 

Makeup mistakes-Caking On Powder

This is another makeup mistake linked to the desire to look fairer. As mentioned above, using the wrong shade of any face product just makes you look older, and your makeup looks more like a mask. The easy fix here is to not overdo it with the powder. If you feel like you do not know how much is too much, then use a blotting sheet on your face to take away just the right amount of excess product. Otherwise, you can invest in a translucent or white powder, which works wonders for all skin tones.

5. Mismatched Lips 

Makeup mistakes-Mismatched Lips

While this may have been the hot trend in the 90s, ánd was seen on everyone from Kareena Kapoor to your neighborhood Aunty, a different shade of lipstick and lipliner is a look that has to go. This look can make your lips appear cartoonish. This goes without saying, but the extremely easy fix for this is to match your liner to your lipstick or gloss. This look is much easier to achieve nowadays since many companies release the same colour in both a liner and lipstick form. Even liner that is a shade darker or lighter than your lipstick works provided you blend it well.

6. Clean Your Brushes 

Makeup mistakes-Clean Your Brushes

Now that we have covered tips for each feature on your face, it is essential to talk about brushes. These make-up tools are something many makeup lovers cannot go without, and use on a daily basis. That is exactly why you should ensure you are cleaning your brushes every week. Imagine all the dried up product that accumulates into the dense fibres of brushes. Moreover, if an unclean brush touches an open wound or something, it can cause a skin reaction. So, make sure you are washing your brushes every week with anti-bacterial soap or water or brush cleaner.

Summing It Up

Now that you have all these tips under your arsenal, make sure you look 10/10, whether it’s for college, office, or the big bash at your place this weekend. And always remember, make-up was made to enhance the beauty you already have. Stay beautiful!

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