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6 Ways To Nail “Tell Me About Yourself” Question In A Job Interview

6 Ways To Nail

Tell me about yourself? Probably the first question in your interview. I too have faced a few interviews. And finally got selected in the 4th one. Rejection hurts but I learned loads of things. So to make sure that you don’t fail in the next interview, I would like to share the 6 best Ways to nail “Tell Me About Yourself” question in a job interview.

6 Ways To Nail “Tell Me About Yourself” Question In A Job Interview

1. Be Confident

How to answer tell me about yourself-be confident

I know you are nervous and the interviewer also knows that you are nervous. But you don’t need to prove him right. Be confident! Be positive! Show that you are good enough to get this job.

Your attitudes defines you. Make sure that it is yelling that you are the best and they actually need you.

2. Prepare The Script

How to answer tell me about yourself-prepare the script

While preparing your content fetch up all the essential details. Scribble it on a paper with apt headings like strengths, achievements and all. Don’t simply write any strength which you can’t prove. Or say, always keep some examples of your strength ready.

While answering, start with your abilities and hobbies to the past scenes screening your worth and end with a statement about your present condition. Somewhat like, My strengths and interests are as … , and then “I have been working in an industry for the past these many years where I did so many good things”, and conclude with “I am looking for a company where I can enrich my qualities and make a strong team for positive and beneficial results”.

Another important note, be ready with your break through answers for the questioners queries. Have rough knowledge about every single word you are saying. Do some research about your hobbies and interests. Gain some more information about the workshops attended. Don’t miss any point.

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3. Stay Calm

How to answer tell me about yourself-Keep Calm

Relax! You have time. And the interviewer is there to extract all that he wants from you. So don’t make yourself and the interviewer rush. Stay Calm! Utter only the required or asked information. Be clear and pleasant.

4. Stay focused

How to answer tell me about yourself-Stay focused

It’s not always the same question. Sometimes it can be ‘Tell me about yourself which is not written in this CV?’ And as you are nervous, you may start with I am Eli… , but your name is already written in your resume, right! So stay focused. Give the answer what the questioner wants. Concentrate on his/her words to bring out the best in you.

Try to focus on the interviewer’s interest. He wants to know whether you are fit for the job or not, focus on that. Don’t get diverted. They might play several games to distract you. But you need to stay alert!

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5. Be Precise

How to answer tell me about yourself-Be Precise

No one is interested in knowing about your unnecessary details like any personal interest. Don’t stretch your description about your hobbies or the past job if not asked to.

Don’t make your script lengthy. Example: My name is Rahul. I was born in Mumbai. I have done graduation in Computer Science from Silicon College. This is simply wrong. Make it as: I am Rahul, a Computer Science graduate from Silicon College. Ensure that it’s brief and perfect.

6. Practice

How to answer tell me about yourself-Practice

The most important step is practice. Practice with your script so that you feel confident during your interview. Don’t memorize it. Of Course, you don’t want to sound as if you have mugged up all the things. Just be natural and give your best shot.

Summing It Up

As I told this might be the first question in your interview, it creates your first impression on the interviewer’s mind. If properly answered, the interviewer will be keen to know more about you. It sets the tone and direction for the rest of the interview. It can be a chief factor in deciding your success.

You can also share your experiences and ways with us by commenting below.

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