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Autumn Fashion: 7 Great Wardrobe Essentials For Fall

7 Great Wardrobe Essentials For Fall

This is a guest post by Marilyn Steffen who is a blogger and fashion enthusiast. She also loves to travel and explore new things.

“Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all.” –Stanley Horowitz

When the days are shorter, the nights are getting darker and just a tad bit longer, there is a misty chill about in the air and the sunlit afternoon sky is permanently tinged with an orange hue—this would certainly mean only one thing: Autumn is finally here! For most, this would invariably mean the season of pumpkin spice lattes and the perfect season to fall in love. However, for fashion enthusiasts, there could be no other season in existence as vibrant as fall that would complement our ensembles. In fact, something is endearing about a permanently rustic atmosphere that would make neutral colors such as browns and taupe seem more attractive than they truly are. The autumn season could mean a fresh new start for you and your wardrobe.

In autumn, the temperature can be very erratic and would fluctuate in various intervals. Most mornings will be chilly; afternoons will be hot and evenings cool. This sporadic change in temperature would mean that sporting a full-on coat would turn it into a walking toaster by midday while filmy and flimsy tops would not have enough skin coverage when night falls. Regardless of whether your outfits are a combination of wholesale clothing and retail, Autumn is the ideal season for breaking out the cozy and chic style. Choosing the right articles for your autumn wardrobe may prove to be a challenge but never fear as this article enumerates which fall staples should be in your closets by the time the first leaf of the season falls.

Autumn Fashion: 7 Great Wardrobe Essentials For Fall

1. The Chambray Top

Great Wardrobe Essentials For Fall - Chambray Top

Undoubtedly, a chambray top should be a mainstay in any woman’s closet not just for the fall but across all seasons. This chic top is the perfect blouse that personifies sophistication with a hint of casualness. In the autumn season, this would become the ultimate staple as it would serve as your go-to top for casual strolls in the park or as the final piece to your corporate ensemble. With the right fabric, chambray tops would keep you warm enough during your morning jaunts but adequately cool in the afternoons of the autumn season.

2. The Camel Blazer

Great Wardrobe Essential For Fall - Camel Blazer

Autumn gives us a reason to layer our clothes and with the temperature changing throughout the day, it is important to have layers which you can easily peel off and put on as you please. A well-fitting camel blazer is a perfect complement to any fall outfit. The neutral color makes it even more attractive this fall season and can serve as a good basis for creating your look. This fall staple is incredibly versatile that you can achieve a chic and classy look by pairing it with a simple shift dress or a casual one by wearing it over a simple shirt. Give it a spin by pairing it off with your favorite blouse and denim jeans.

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3. The Trench Vest

Great Wardrobe Essential For Fall - Trench Vest

One way to easily layer and create interest is to use a long-line trench vest. It immediately gives warmth to a look and would give visual appeal to what would otherwise be a dull ensemble. Pair it with denim skinny jeans or leather pants and finish it off with a pair of stiletto shoes for an outfit winner.

4. The Greige Bootie

Great Wardrobe Essentials for Fall - Greige Bootie

A combination of gray and beige, the greige bootie would find itself very much at home during the fall season. In fact, fall is the season where varying degrees of browns, taupes, beiges and rusts would shine through and become the color of choice for most fashionistas. For this reason, the greige stacked heel bootie should be your go-to shoe for the fall season.

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5. The Suede Moto Jacket

Great Wardrobe Essential For Fall - Suede Moto Jacket

The fall season is jacket and blazer season. So, if you are a discerning fashionista, you should have your closet equipped generously with these fall staples. While you are at it, do not neglect to include a fresh new spin to ordinary suede or leather jackets, by adding the suede moto jacket in your closet. The moto details give your regular jacket more visual interest than the ordinary black leather jacket. To keep in touch with the season, opt for a tobacco hue which would sit just right with any color and still look dazzling in autumn.

6. The Turtleneck

Great Wardrobe Essential For Fall - Turtleneck

If you are looking for a low-key and casual top to serve as insets to your countless jackets and blazers, then have a turtleneck shirt at the ready. It adequately covers your neck with fabric which would make scarves in the autumn season more of a superfluity than a necessity. Additionally, it serves as an excellent base for a myriad of clothing options.

7. The Felt Hat

Great Wardrobe Essential For Fall -Felt Hat

Every season has that one staple accessory that could be easily identified with the time of the year. For winter, it is the fashionable gloves, winter boots or ear muffs, for summer it is the wide-brimmed beach hats while for spring, it is the dainty cute dresses and for autumn, it is the felt hat. Have this fashion accessory in your closet ready and spruce up any outfit.

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Marilyn is a blogger and fashion enthusiast. She also loves to travel and explore new things. She is currently working as a junior copywriter.