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Top 6 Budget-friendly Tricks To Make Your Small Kitchen Look Bigger

Tricks To Make Your Small Kitchen Look Bigger

This is a guest post by Dominique Santos who is a Filipino blogger, living in the Philippines and is currently writing for Amaia Land

“I love food and I love everything involved with food. I love the fun of it. I love restaurants. I love cooking, although I don’t cook very much. I love kitchen.” – Alma Guillermoprieto

If there’s one thing that completes a home, that would be the kitchen. It is the heart and soul of your home. It is also where you prepare your favorite meal for your family and friends. Not to mention it is also a place where we bond and make memories with each other. However, it’s hard to move around and do things when you have a small kitchen space. Whether you’re living in a condo in Manila or any real estate property, you deserve to feel comfortable using your kitchen.

Renovating your kitchen space is not that hard as you think it is. Even if you are on a tight budget, you can still give your kitchen a makeover. To give you an idea, we list down some budget-friendly tricks on how to make your small kitchen look bigger.

Top 6 Budget-friendly Tricks To Make Your Small Kitchen Look Bigger

1. Clear out the clutter

This is one of the common reasons as to why your kitchen seems small. Perhaps, your condiments are placed anywhere; your utensils are not in their proper places, or even hand towels are over the counter tops. A messy kitchen allows you to have a lesser space to do anything in your kitchen. Moreover, it is also not a healthy way to prepare your food. However, clearing out the clutter is a good way to organize your kitchen.

2. Get some “hang-ups”

If you think you do not have enough space in your kitchen, then you should try some “hang-ups”. All you have to do is to install a few storage hooks into your walls or ceiling, or underneath your cabinets, and allocate some of the kitchen items in these spaces provided. It is in this way where you can maximize your kitchen space.

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3. Be “counter” intuitive

Just because it is practiced, that does not mean you can’t break it. For instance, if you think mugs and short glasses are better when displayed on the counter than putting them in your cupboards, then you can have it your way. Do not limit your decoration just because of a certain practice. It is your kitchen. That only means you can do whatever you want for as long as the outcome would look good.

4. Think outside the kitchen

Whether you realize it or not, it is not necessary for you to keep your kitchen items in the kitchen. If your kitchen has a small space to accommodate all the things, then you can spare a room for it. Perhaps, you can make a closet intended for storing traditional kitchen items. It is also in this way where you will be able to maximize the space in your kitchen.

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5. Find the right furnishings

Just because you like that particular furniture, that does not mean it would also look good when placed in your kitchen.  If you have just enough space, do not purchase a dining table that is too big to fit in the space.  If you have just the right size of furniture, this will give you enough space to move around in your kitchen.

6. Lighten up

This is one of the best ways to make a kitchen look and feel bigger. You can paint your kitchen walls and cabinets with light colors. Some homeowners would prefer semi-gloss paints since it would look good in their kitchen. Moreover, installing the right lights would also help achieve a better outcome.

Summing It Up

See? Improving the look of your kitchen should not be that expensive. You can have the right space when you apply these tips mentioned above. Again, every homeowner deserves to have a desirable kitchen at home

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Dominique Santos is a Filipino blogger living in the Philippines. He writes about interior designs and lifestyle hacks. He is currently writing for Amaia Land