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Top 5 EDM Artists That You Must Definitely Listen To

Top 5 EDM Artists

So, with all the EDM artists interested in touring India, primarily due to the growing interest in Electronic and dance music, it is high time we come to a realization of the fact that India is growing way fast in the direction of good EDM music. Plus, cities like Goa and Bangalore, which happen to be the cynosure for good independent music in our country, have made it a point to be the host for such crowd-puller concerts that attract music lovers from all corners of the country. But, most of the times we miss out the really good ones primarily because they are not that popular compared to a David Guetta or a Swedish Mafia House. So, here’s presenting the EDM artists that you probably haven’t listened to, but you must.

Top 5 EDM Artists That You Must Definitely Listen To

1. Kaskade

Best EDM Artists-Kaskade

EDM is not all bout the ear-ripping bass and riffs for Kaskade. Characterized by his dewy and mellifluous tunes, accompanied by the vocals of an equally melodious female, his songs are everything that breaks the stereotype related to EDM. They are smooth, translucent and really objective to listen to, with every associated element being really conducive to the given situation that the song relates to. Kaskade is that artist whom you look forward to after a hectic day at school, college, office and any other place that can sap the enthusiasm out of you.

2. Burial

Best EDM Artists-Burial

Inspired by the late 90s the UK rave and synth pop, Burial is one hell of an artist who presents a differing approach to the already prevalent EDM scene all over the world. His songs are full of feels which can melt the stoniest of hearts. Without much lyrical and vocal accompaniment, Burial can touch your heart with just the tunes conveying what he wants to, simply and subtly. Most of his songs have a very disorderly arrangement of synthetic sounds that can be surprisingly heartwarming. Burial is certainly the DJ for all seasons, being the most complex of all performing EDM artists.

3. Benny Benassi

Best EDM Artists-Benny Benassi

Known for his 2002 summer club hit “Satisfaction”, Benny Benassi came into the sprawling EDM scene all across the world with such vigor and force, that he managed to garner many fans who wanted a fresh and pure sound. Though he is not known for many hits, he is one very creative and intelligent players in the game DJing, belting out songs that have stood the test of time and still have managed to reach places unknown.

4. Foreign Beggars

Best EDM Artists-Foreign Beggars

Into dubstep? And also rap? Then Foreign beggars are your immediate and interesting solution. These guys whose origins can be traced back to London are pioneers in popularizing midstep and dubstep induced rap, which can be very useful if you want to crack up with your lunatic friends in your hostel room! (Such fun!) Their notable songs are “Bank Job”, “Apex”, and also their collaboration with famous dubstep artist Skrillex “Scatta”. All of their songs are complete with completely surprising twists and turns here and there, which are sinfully good for the modern day EDM fan and also the one who likes eccentricity in his thoughts and songs too!

5. Flux Pavilion

Best EDM Artists-Flux Pavilion

Another very underrated EDM artist, Flux Pavilion is an artist for all types of different, fresh and pure sounds that you want to hear in your songs. Though he mostly deals with dubstep, he has a way of twisting this ear-ripping and damaging sound to something of a melody and can present the most intriguing of songs in the most fashionable way possible. He is completely in sync with the modern day demands of music and can be completely fun to listen to. He is one artist you must listen to if you really want variety in your music playlist for that Friday evening club journey.

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