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9 Amazing Tips to Keep Your Desk Clean, Organized And Productive

Tips to keep your desk clean organized and productive

Cleanliness reflects your productivity positively. Cleanliness is very important for a positive office structure and productivity. Many people say that they have no time in the office to clean their desk and surroundings. But if you really try, tidying your desk won’t take much time. Cleanliness has to be practiced as a habit and a routine because it is equally important as eating and exercising everyday.

If you have a pile of things on your desk, you will find it very difficult to search through them to find your keys or your Pen drive! You will end up losing a lot of productive time and get frustrated over the search unnecessarily. A clean and organized desk is very important to boost productivity. Your office should look neat and tidy for you and the customers. It makes a good impression on the customers. A clean and organized desk reflects the character of a person and their productivity. If you struggle to keep your desk clean and organized, check out these tips to keep your desk clean, organized and productive and to boost your productivity.

8 Amazing Tips to Keep Your Desk Clean, Organized And Productive

Tip #1:  Keep two boxes – inbox and outbox

In an office where papers have to be validated and signed, keeping separate boxes or trays to keep the ones pending validation and signature and the ones signed off will make work much simpler. If you have a pile of paper in front of you every day, you may overlook some of them and miss out the signature on some important papers. A marked inbox and outbox makes your desk more organized. You can instruct your staff to keep all the papers and files pending approval in the inbox and ask them to clear the outbox with the signed papers and files every evening. This ensures a clutter-free desk which makes you more productive.

Tip #2:  Dust bins are a must!

Every office requires ample dustbins, especially when they deal in a lot of paperwork. All the workstations and desks should have a dustbin and there should be common dustbins in the floor too. This keeps the office neat and tidy. Further, keeping separate bins for recycling makes your office more eco-friendly which motivates the employees to practice recycling paper and plastics as far as possible. This really makes your office look and feel different. Employees will be pro-active and it increases the productivity.

Tip #3:  Paper-less office

Many organizations including nationalized banks are thriving to become paperless by adopting technology wherever possible. Digital signatures and online approvals help make the office go paper-less to a great extent. This reduces a lot of clutter as there will be little or no papers and files to handle and store in the office. Digitization also provides you the advantage of valuable information which can be used in many decision making analytics and reports. This also good for the environment; you can promote go-green and become eco-friendly. An office without paper will reduce the wastage in dustbin!

Tip #4:  Throw away unnecessary things

You need to really keep a check on your desk whether all the materials available on in are needed or not. More than often you will find a lot of obsolete and unnecessary things on your desk cluttering it making life difficult for you. It is important to clean your desk every week and throw away all unnecessary items if you want to keep it clean and organized. Storing too many unimportant things on your desk will clutter it and you may not be able to find important things when needed! So make it a habit to clean your desk every week.

Tip #5:  Upgrade technology

As important as it is to keep your desk organized, you must keep your workstations desktop organized too. Make sure you must backup your system periodically and delete everything unnecessary on the system too. Unnecessary files on the PC can make it underperform which affects your productivity. You can install PC cleanup software that takes care of the viruses too.

Tip #6:  Keeping reference images

Instead of keeping products on the desk it’s better to keep an image of it on your smartphone. You can always use this as a reference and don’t need to keep products over the desk. And for displaying the products you can use a separate desk. You can keep the reference images in your laptop or computers. This reduces the clutter on the desk.

Tip #7:  Use File Organizers

If you have any doubts on paper lying on the desk, you can file them separately and keep them for checking later. This can control the clutter on your desk to an extent. Labeled or colored file organizers make sure that your desk remains clutter-free and at the same time, all the required information is easily available. Files requiring clarifications can be kept in common repositories under proper labeling so that the concerned department will receive them for providing clarifications.

Tip #8:  Go Digital!

Going digital is the first step to going paperless. But the digital information also needs to be stored securely. Large volumes of data cannot be simply stored on workstations. They need to be stored in central repositories and backed up periodically. These backups need to be labeled and stored efficiently for future reference. Very old backups need to be removed periodically.

Tip #9:  Keep away personal stuff and food items

You can see in most office desk with family photos and God’s images. These frames need to be kept away from the office desk. Personal things can clutter the desk more than office items. The office desk is meant for office work and it should look clean. Do not clutter the office desk with personal stuff. If you want, just keep one or two personal stuff for motivation. Even keeping food items and beverages on desk need to be stopped! This is a hilarious habit of some of the employees. A spill of tea or cold drinks can stain your desk.

Summing It Up

These are some of the tips that can make your desk cleaner and through that you can be productive. Using the right kind of office stationary and organizers can definitely make your desk clutter-free. Keeping them neat and tidy saves you a lot of time and some reputation too, because cleanliness has the power to make you more productive.

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