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10 Quick And Easy Tips For Being A Gentleman

Tips for being a gentleman
“A gentleman is one who puts more into the world than he takes out.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

Chivalry is not outdated and the traits of a real gentleman is still something that defines the kind of person you are. Being a gentleman is a lifestyle choice and etiquette. In fact, to be a true man you need to be self aware, courteous, and honest to yourself.

Are you looking to be the man in the world full of guys, then, here are some timeless tips that can enhance your life, both personally and professionally. Well, the article has compiled some quick tips for being a gentleman.

10 Quick And Easy Tips For Being A Gentleman

Tip #1

A ladies man is one who is a good listener. Let person standing next to you do the talking. Pay attention to what he/she is saying. Use your own body language and gestures to convey your attention. Ask probing and thoughtful questions and respond to what is being said. Being a good listener is in fact the path of building strong relationships.

Tip #2

No one can be as gentle as a man who is efficient enough to balance his personal and professional life. Being workaholic is good thing, but leave your work in office itself. When you are home or with friends, you should forget everything about it. Spend quality time with your partner, kids as well as friends. Support your children at their games, or your soul mate in household work. Keeping your cell phone off and tucked away when you are with them.

Tip #3

Whether you’re with your best friend or with your spouse, it is important to respect each others private space. Being kind, considerate and involved in each other’s life is a different thing. While invading the privacy is a completely thing. Respect the personal space of the people around you. Avoid asking invasive questions of friends and coworkers, respecting their privacy instead. Same goes true with your kids, unless it is for their safety and protection.

Tip #4

Not to mention, the dressing plays an equally important role in defining your overall personality. A gentleman dresses according to the event. Be subtle and sophisticated when it comes to choosing your outfit. Match the colors of the attire in such a way that it complements each other as well as your overall personality. Accessorize the clothes properly with the right set of ensemble. This aspect is important not just for the formal events, but for casual as well. Wear a trendy piece of men’s swimwear when you’re out at the beach or perfect attire when you’re partying with friends.

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Tip #5

Along with the attire the grooming aspect is equally important. Regardless of the occasion, take special care on personal hygiene and self-grooming. Things like body-odor, bad breathe and other are the biggest drawbacks in the personality of an individual. So, clean up properly before you kick start your day.

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Tip #6

The real test begins of a gentleman begins during adverse situation. Anyone can handle a candid discussion, but a person who can channel a heated discussion with efficiency and positivity will earn maximum praises. Avoiding a debate or taking a diplomatic stand is a safe option. However, you should be efficient enough to take a stand without hurting the sentiments of others.

Tip #7

A man should have good sportsmanship. There will be competition at the workplace and in your personal. However, it is not necessary that you’ll have rivals as well. Accept the defeats and appreciate the victory of your competitors.

Tip #8

Your communication skill speaks a lot about your personality. So, work on the way speak. Talk graciously with everyone and make sure that you have a smile on your face. Just pitching in a discussion is not enough. Your points should exhibit intelligence as well. Remember to drive a conversation only if you have knowledge regarding that topic, otherwise, it is better to take the back seat.

Tip #9

Chivalry is not a clique. In fact, it is the biggest turn on for the ladies. However, being overly macho becomes annoying at times. Do not offend the independence of a strong lady in the process of showing courtesy. Do offer to pay the bill at first, but let her pay if she wants to. This won’t reduce your masculinity, but will only add a flair to your personality.

Tip #10

Whether you’re the host or the guest, the way you meet and greet others matter a lot. When you extend the invitation, graciously handle everything from the valet to your guest. Your attention to detail speaks volumes. Even if you’ve been invited, you can still participate in the preparation. A man who extends a helping hand to near and dear ones, worth all the respect and love.

Do you think you can now pull off a personality that can turn heads? Were these advice helpful? Do let us know in the comments below.

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