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5 Things You Need To Know About Photography To Be A Better Photographer


I still remember the first picture I clicked with my own hands and that was from a Nokia N91. Having instilled the passion for photography that started with mobile phones to using a Canon 600D DSLR, I have seen the highs and lows of photography. We all learn by mistakes, so did I. With every mistake there was an experience – some good, some worth taking back a lesson.

Photography is not about camera, lens, or skill. It’s a combination of theory, practice, persistence, and passion. But before you get into the basics of photography, there are some few good to share information that you need to understand. Hence, to help you out, here are a few things you need to know about photography to become a better photographer.

5 Things You Need To Know About Photography To Be A Better Photographer

#1 Understand the equipment that you are using (Mobile Phones/ DSLR/SLR)

Thins you must know about photography-DSLR vs Mobile Camera

Many times we fail to understand the functionality of the equipment. Be it a mobile,or the DSLR that have a wide range of functionalities. Read the manual carefully that explains you the entire functionality of the camera. Which button and which symbol indicates the specific feature. Do not go out there with half information, as we all know it is dangerous.

#2 Keep a battery back-up for cameras / power bank for a mobile

Things you must know about photography-Carry a battery backup for your camera

Sometimes I see that my camera is low on the battery. Just to find that I’ll be missing some better pictures during a trekking experience, marriage occasions. So it’s better to keep an extra back-up for your cameras considering the mode will you be shooting on. Video consumes more power than a photograph. Mobile phones do consume a lot of power – Data connection, Cellular networks, Applications running in the background. If you feel pictures are important, it’s advisable to keep your phone on Airplane mode. Additionally, close the applications running in the background.

#3 Aperture, Shutter speed, ISO

Things you must know about photography-Learn about aperture, shutter speed and iso

Photography revolves around these three pivots. Your picture from the best to worst is decided by these three elements. Hence, it’s essential to make everyone in accordance for a better-looking picture. Understand the true meaning behind each of these technical terms. Practically visualize the highs and lows of these factors affecting photography. Your comprehensive knowledge on this will bring out the best photographs.

#4 Take a tripod and flash, if needed

Things you must know about photography-Buy a tripod and flash

Understand the place and your subject before photography. Whether you will be shooting some moving subjects or stationary subjects will decide the use of a tripod. The tripod will give you more stability for your pictures. Even mobile phones come with tripods that make your pictures more stable and subtle. A flash will aid better pictures if you are shooting in the dark or indoors making your pictures dull.

#5 Never give up by not-so-good pictures

Things you must know about photography-Do not take a photo if it is not worth taking

Photography is an art. And art is not categorized as good or bad. Most of all, it’s a perspective between how you others think when you click a picture. Many factors come into play like composition, light, aperture, ISO, and shutter speed. And remember, failures are stepping stones to success. Therefore, never be bogged down by the slow progress of photography. And remember that if you take 100 pictures you will come up with 20 best pictures. That’s what every art requires – Persistence, passion, and practice!

Summing it up

Things you must know about photography

Photography is a journey from just capturing pictures to being able to describe a picture. This can be achieved by strengthening the fundamentals and creating the best out of it.

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