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7 Things You Must Do Before 8 AM To Have A Happy Life

Things You Must Do Before 8 AM To Have A Happy Life

As you would have heard before, the key to doing something worthwhile in the day is to start early. And to start early, you must, first of all, wake up early! Because you can’t certainly be a gladiator outside the arena, in which case you are just a rogue and nothing else. But, honest questions are something like how early? 5 AM perhaps? Or, maybe a sultry, composed and somewhat rushed 6 AM? Well, whatever be the time, it is good to be before 8 AM. Why you ask? Read on, to know the things that can help you have a good day ahead in this tough competitive and edgy world.

7 Things You Must Do Before 8 AM To Have A Happy Life

1. Game On!

Tips for happy life-spend time with family

Well, quite conventional for most of the health freaks who also want to have a good time on the field. But, could we add a few twists? It may not always be cricket with your office buddies or golf with your business friends. It could be chess with your better half, or better yet, carom with your whole family! This way, not only you, but also your family can gain the good habit of waking up early to the fun family time.

2. Music – Make, Or Break It!

Tips for happy life-listen musicTips for happy life-listen music

Not all of us can make music. Agreed. But you don’t have to play the guitar to feel it. Pick an instrument, say guitar, and listen to various instrumentals of the particular instrument in the warmth of the early morning. This could be boring for some at first, for most of us prefer lyrical volumes of music. But, this is proven to be something similar to meditation. This would also help in gaining some sort of musical sense. Who knows, you might go on to be the next David Bowie or Mick Jagger!

3. Tread A New Path 

Tips for happy life-walk on a new path

Get out of that home of yours, and go live some adventures. Go to some place where you have to work your brains around to get back to where you came from. Basically, get lost! It’s okay to be somewhere new. But, once you figure out the way, it becomes a very memorable thing in your life. Face any problems? Run, hide, fight! Be that video game character you always wanted to be! After all, it was based on your mindset!

4. Let Your Imagination Run Amok!

Tips for happy life-be creative

Okay. Have a story which has a wonderful outline, but never saw the door of completion? Always wanted to write a play about dreams overtaking reality? Then, set out on that journey before sunrise, when things are calm and composed and it is just you and that pen keeping your company.

5. Practise, For It Makes Perfect!

Tips for happy life-practice

Want to learn the chord that you never got right? Want to write a blog, but don’t think you have enough practise? Well, then start now and early! The time before 8 AM is perhaps the only time where you are free from all types of disturbances from the outside world, including from your professional side (unless you are one of those workaholics, who never see the light of the day!). Which means, this is the time where you will get to hone your skills in whatever your passion is. Singing, dancing, writing… your passion may be an endless ocean. But, it’s up to you to learn how to swim, and that too well!

6. A Little Gardening Perhaps?

Tips for happy life-gardening

So, well, this must be an obvious one! Everybody loves the sight of a garden and everybody wishes to have a garden. But why wish, when you can have one in reality? And no better time to garden than the time before 8 AM. Obviously, the calm in the morning will get to your plants just as how they get to you!

7. Exercise – The Vital Thing!

Tips for happy life-exercise

At this time of the day, exercising could well be a great resort to maintain good health. Because, maintaining good health is above all, because, well, it is what helps you do everything. So, don’t forget to hit the gym, in the early morning.

Summing It Up

Tips for happy life

So, as one would have it, people have differing notions of how the mornings must be spent. Some snooze (okay, just kidding; most do). The health conscious walk, run, exercise. At the end of the day, all we have is 24 hours and it is up to us to make good use of this. And, the morning times are definitely not something that we can afford to waste! 

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