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8 Things To Do If You Want People To Like You

8 Things To Do If You Want People To Like You

Well, with all the clamour over valentine’s day over, and those clumsily awful yet simple life without your next door neighbour asking about your soul mate, back on track, it is only intelligent to bounce back to who you were – or rather who you should be. Dump the old ‘you’, if you think it is not up to your mark of satisfaction and be someone else – something else. But how you might ask? Most of the time success are not all about the bucks that are made, or the number of friends you have made in office. All the successful people could do good to tell you about the sole reason for their success – the ability to be liked and be accepted by everyone, as one of their own. The ability to be friendly, without any qualms is what helps. As opposed to most of the times, where you were instructed to ‘DO THIS, DO THAT’, here we are simply going to discuss what NOT TO DO if you really want to make a mark with the people you meet.

8 Things To Avoid If You Want People To Like You

1. Never Forget To Be Yourself

Things to do if you want people to like you-Never Forget To Be Yourself

Never has there been a much more clichéd statement in this world. But the meaning is evergreen. You may be a stay-at-home husband, or a workaholic grandma or whatever you are to the outside world. But, to the people to whom you want to become close, you should be one thing and one thing only: your best self. After all, only if they know you, will they be good friends.

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2. Avoid Gossiping

Things to do if you want people to like you-Avoid Gossiping

Gossiping is perhaps one of the most indecent things that indecent people indulge in. And to think that all the educated ones are truly into this is just heart wrenching if not anything else. Remember this, what goes around comes around, guys. And before it does, it takes a detour to fall into the ears of the person who you are back-biting. Basically, the person will get to know what you were gossiping about. It’s simple: what can go wrong, will.

3. Don’t Forget To Make Time For Your Friends

Things to do if you want people to like you-Make Time For Your Friends

The tough thing to crack in people is what they like. No matter how like minded you people are, there’s always a change in opinion or indifference amidst people which if prolonged will spoil the whole friends circle, which may result in immediate desynchronization. So, always, hold parties every week or month, to unify the interests of your friends and let them have a good time in your presence.

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4. Don’t Lie

Things to do if you want people to like you-Don't Lie

Nobody likes a liar. That too if you lie about obvious things, people are sure to show contempt in your face. Awful truth is that nobody likes to be lied to, no matter how justifiable your cause is. So, be honest and be straight up with your responses. Always say ‘No’, if you feel like it. Listen to your most innate decisions and make the right choice.

5. Don’t Hesitate To Help

Things to do if you want people to like you-Don't Hesitate To Help

Nobody can refuse a good friend who can help. And this is something that you can use to its fullest advantage. Help your friends in times of difficulties, and better luck with them not forgetting you ever!

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6. Don’t Pester Others 

Things to do if you want people to like you-Don't Pester Others

You may have the most difficult problem at hand. But, before you jump to others for help, try to analyse the problems and if there’s even the slightest hint of you being able to solve it, then go for it, rather than pestering your friends all the time. Basically, friends are truly friends if they help you out, but nothing beats a little bit of unconditional loving. So, don’t be afraid to love your friends, unconditionally.

7. Don’t Miss Being Appealing

Things to do if you want people to like you-Don't Miss Being Appealing

Appealing, in the sense, being a person of smartness. Not by attire, even though it does count to dress up according to etiquettes to keep up the good spirit rolling around you. This charm may help you win the hearts of people around you, and who knows, you may even find your Romeo or Juliet!

8. Don’t Be Rude

Things to do if you want people to like you-Don't Be Rude

Come on, guys! Let’s make love, not war. Be polite in your understanding of people. And try to maintain calm in the storm, for anger never helped anybody.

Summing It Up

So, these are just some things that you should follow if you really want to have people rushing towards you for having a good time, for you will be more than just a good friend to them: you will be their compadre!

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