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8 Things To Do Every Morning For a Productive Day

8 Things To Do Every Morning For a Productive Day

In today’s fast-paced world, mornings are a blur. We are all usually half-awake zombies at 6 AM and don’t really wake up until we get to our place of work or school. Not enough sleep and rushed mornings can cause crankiness and a bad mood, on top of a feeling of not being on top of what you need to do for the day. So, these 8 tips will help you to make your mornings more memorable and productive. Read on!

8 Things To Do Every Morning For a Productive Day

1. Pre-plan at Night

Things To Do Every Morning-Pre-Plan the Day

Make all your key decisions the night before, so you do not have anxiety over picking your outfit for the day, or what you are making for breakfast. Packing your office bag or backpack is also a must, to avoid leaving behind any essential documents or items.

2. Wake up Early

Things To Do Every Morning-Wake Up Early

You will definitely need the time you’re not sleeping to incorporate all the tips we have listed below. Even 15 minutes earlier will free you up so much mentally. A good way to discipline yourself if you are not a morning person is by setting your alarm back 15 minutes every day until you reach your desired time for waking up. It’s just nice not having to bolt out the door every morning, and forgetting something important.

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3. Keep a Dream Journal

Things To Do Every Morning-Keep A Dream Journal

Whether or not you believe in the fact that dreams bring out our deepest desires, keeping and writing in a dream journal is always an interesting activity. It will help track your dreams and sleeping patterns. It’s just a nice way to get your creative juices flowing in the morning, and will also help you take out some time to reflect and gather your thoughts in this fast-paced world.

4. Put Your Phone Down

Things To Do Every Morning-Put Your Phone Down

Waking up to work-related emails and deadlines is the norm for many of us. However, these can cause you stress the second you wake up, and will just make you antsier. Instead, discipline yourself to put your phone away until you completed a certain activity in the morning, like going for a jog, or making yourself breakfast. If your phone addiction is really bad, try putting your phone on Airplane Mode before you go to bed, so that you are not bogged down with notifications the second you wake up.

5. Exercise

Things To Do Every Morning-Exercise

This is definitely the one dreaded by most people. However, exercise does not have to mean doing ten sprints around your house. Yoga and morning stretches will also help recharge your body and re-align any muscles you may have tensed up while asleep.

6. Repeat a Positive Affirmation

Things To Do Every Morning-Positive Affirmations

This one may sound silly to some, but it may just change your life. Repeating a key mantra or affirming phrase to yourself in the mirror is a confident booster. It may take a while for you to start taking it seriously, but it is a practice many successful people have adopted. You may even say something different each day, pertaining to what you have planned for it. Even something as simple as “I will ace that presentation today” can ease your mind by a lot.

7. Set your daily goals

Things To Do Every Morning-Make Goals

It is quite helpful to have a whiteboard in your bedroom where you can write your goals and targets for the day. These don’t have to be complicated at all, even writing that you want to be kinder today, is something that will help you. Leave the goals up on the board, and when you return from school or work, reflect on whether or not you did something today that helped you move closer to the goal.

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8. Have (a Balanced) Breakfast

Things To Do Every Morning-Balanced Breakfast

Breakfast is probably the most neglected meal of ours, despite doctors saying that it is actually the most important meal of the day. For starters, don’t skip breakfast. And no, that cup of coffee does not count as breakfast! Having something as simple and light as eggs in a sandwich, and a fruit on the side will provide you with a nice mix of protein, carbs, and sugars. Having breakfast will also recharge your metabolism and control your blood sugar, which is also linked with your mood.

Summing It Up

Things To Do Every Morning

Now that you know what to do for a productive morning, make sure to go out there and seize the rest of the day as well. Carpe diem!

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