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7 Things Guests Remember About Your Wedding

Things Guests Remember About Your Wedding

It’s absolutely true that a wedding is all about the bride and groom and you should be having your day exactly the way you wish it to be. But, what most of the couples tend to forget about is the fact that guests are the equally important part of the celebration and you should be taking care of their comfort and choice too.

Of course, in the back of your mind you wish to impress your guests too. Isn’t it? But what are the things that your guests are going to pay absolute attention to at your wedding and hence you also need to be extra careful about them?

Today, we are going to answer your question about the things that your guests are definitely going to remember…

7 Things Guests Remember About Your Wedding

1. Your Dress

Your wedding dress is not just really special for you but also your guests. They actually wait for the groom and the bride to arrive so that they can see how you are dressed up. As soon as you will walk in the wedding venue, all the eyes would be on you and they are definitely going to check every detail of your attire, accessories and make-up. Trust us! You are definitely going to hear about what they liked the most about your look later.

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2. Organization

The one thing that all your guests are definitely going to remember is that how much comfort they had while navigating inside the venue and getting access to all the different areas, right from parking to food stalls and rest rooms. So, make sure that there are easy parking options available at the venue and there is some entertainment for them while they wait for you to arrive. After all, nobody likes to just sit around and have nothing to do while they are out expecting to spend some quality time.

3. Reception Venue

Your reception room is one place where all your wedding planning and creativity ideas will be going. And trust us, it is completely worth the time and effort. Some people like to have their reception indoors, but just as an idea why don’t you look at rental tipis if you fancy doing something a bit different? Your guests might not be there to assist you with the arrangements but they are definitely going to analyze the entire place and, the decorations and any of the personal touches that you might have put in place to beautify your venue. So, be prepared to make the arrangements to actually impress and not just express this time.

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4. Food

The one way to win your guests’ heart and make them forget every other flaw that they might find in your arrangements is by having good food served to them. Trust us! They would probably forget everything else but they will never forget what they ate. From little munchies and snacks that will keep them occupied while they wait for you to arrive till the dessert and midnight snacks they would eat at the end. So, make sure you have the best catering arrangements for them.

5. Music

Your guests are coming for the wedding so that they can enjoy themselves. It is like a weekend party for them where they want to have some really good time and that is where your dj would play his part. Make sure that you have the playlist sorted according to the taste of your guests so that they would love being on the dancefloor and hence bring some life to your special day.

6. Speeches

There is going to be a session in your wedding after the food where there are going to be some really formal and other not-so-formal speeches. Well, this is the part where you have the chances of running into maximum risks. Make sure that your speech is neither too long and boring nor inappropriate. Though we know you would tend to get emotional in that moment, just ensure that your guests relate to your words and enjoy your speech rather than yawning at the event.

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7. Thank You Cards and Gifts

After the wedding is over and while your guests are still discussing about your table centerpieces and the dessert that they enjoyed the most, it would be really courteous of you to send out thank you cards or gifts (if your budget permits). After all, they made an effort of joining you on your special day and making and making the celebrations more memorable. Receiving a simple thank you message would really make them feel special.

Summing It Up

Remember that people are most definitely going to discuss about your wedding for days after it will happen. Putting in a little extra effort to make realize that how much to honor and appreciate their presence on your special day would certainly make it all worth. And if you are clueless about how to make so many arrangements then it is best to hire a wedding planner. They would know exactly how to make your guests remember the wedding day in the most positive and joyous manner!

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