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7 Style Essentials Every Woman Needs This Summer

7 Style Essentials Every Woman Needs This Summer

Summers are hard for everyone. Due to the extreme heat and blazing sun, many people forget all about fashion and style and stick to their comfy-cool clothes. However, you can still look perfectly put together and fashionable while still remaining comfortable and functional for the summers. All you need are a few style essentials every woman needs for this season and you are ready to go.

7 Style Essentials Every Woman Needs This Summer

1. Hats

Style Essentials For Woman in Summer-Hats

Hats are a must have for summers because they not only look cool and stylish but are also a great way to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun. During summers wearing hats is a great way to keep your head cool and face in the shade. Hats also add to your summer ensemble making it look classy and full of edge. There are several funky hats to choose from; simple black fedoras to straw hats and even snap-backs. Try a new hat every day and enjoy the summer sun!

2. Sunglasses

Style Essentials For Woman in Summer-Sunglasses

Sunglasses or shades are a staple in any summer lookbook. They add a hint of colour to your outfit and make you look edgy and tough instantly. With a variety of different shapes and styles, you are bound to find one that matches your personality and your outfit. Sunglasses will protect your beautiful eyes from the harmful UV rays. Wearing sunglasses can also reduce migraines caused due to sun exposure and can also reduce fine line and wrinkles that can be caused due excessive sun damage to the skin.

3. Gladiator Sandals

Style Essentials For Woman in Summer-Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator Sandals have made their way back into the fashion world and they can be seen everywhere. They help you keep cool in the summer heat and are extremely comfortable, hence, you feel like you are wearing no shoes at all. They look fashionable and make a style statement. They also go great with shorts and mini-dresses making it the perfectly stylish summer shoes.

4. Chunky Rings

Style Essentials For Woman in Summer-Chunky Rings

During the summers, it is hard to pair your outfits with layers and layers of jewellery and accessories. All the clutter of jewellery and chains on your body make you feel hot and look confusing too. Not to mention some pieces of jewellery, especially necklaces leave greenish-blue deposits on your skin due to the sweat. A good way to accessories and stay cool for the summers is to stack on some chunky rings on your fingers and leave the rest of your body jewellery free. It looks simple, classy and elegant. Easy and breezy.

5. Floral Dresses

Style Essentials For Woman in Summer-Floral Dress

Floral dresses are a go-to summer essential. They look dainty and pretty. They are usually flowy and are made of simple and light materials like cotton which keep you cool and happy.

Floral dresses are something you can throw on at any time of the day and it will always look classy and elegant. Hits all the check marks.

6. Crop Tops

Style Essentials For Woman in Summer-Crop Top

Crop-tops never cease to amaze us. They come in different styles and colours and always make us want to experiment with our clothes. The best part about crop-tops is that they can look summery and pretty all the time. They have been a constant style statement for many years for a reason. Crop tops are the epitome of summer style.

7. Distressed Shorts

Style Essentials For Woman in Summer-Distressed Shorts

Distressed denim shorts have become the new fashion trend that can be seen everywhere; from celebrities to fashion-gurus everyone is rocking this piece. Distressed denim shorts look edgy and stylish while keeping you comfortable throughout the day. They are practical because they help keep you cool on a hot summer day while still looking fashionable. Not to mention you can DIY your own distressed denim shorts by cutting up a pair of your old jeans and revamping them into a new pair of shorts.

Summing It Up

Summer is a time to enjoy, a time to stay cool and happy. A few summer style essentials can make your summers memorable and comfortable. Easy and breezy clothes with some minimalistic accessories and comfy footwear can make your life much easier in the scorching heat as well. So don’t be intimidated by the summer season, keep in mind some of the summer style essentials and you will have an enjoyable and amazing summer.

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