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5 Stunning Bedding Styles for Your Wedding Night

5 Stunning Bedding Styles for Your Wedding Night

This is a guest post by Elena Juliet who is a blogger at MyMattressPads.

Planning for your dream wedding? Since it is the most important day of your life; it has to be special and everything needs to be organized in an orderly manner to make it one lasting event for the rest of your life. Since wedding is a time for celebrations and festivities with your family and friends; chances are that you might go overboard with your finances if you don’t plan it well.

One of the most important aspects of wedding arrangements is to set up the room for the couple. After much research, and personal opinion, you want to make sure that queen size mattress is displayed perfectly, and your luxury feather pillows are plump, and it should not be compromised in anyway. Here are 5 easy tips for unique bedding styles that would go a long way.

5 Stunning Bedding Styles for Your Wedding Night

1. Roses

No wedding is complete without flowers and amongst flowers; roses top the list here. Therefore, while decorating a wedding night bedroom; make sure that you don’t ignore filling up the room with lots of natural and fresh roses.

Best bedding style for wedding night-Rose

You can hang different love notes with roses or make a flowery path towards the bed by roses spread all around. If your wedding night is arranged in a hotel; you can ask the hotel management to create different shapes with rose like love birds using pillow sets and bed covers.

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2. Candles

Candles can never go out of style. Not only they give out pleasant and lovely vibes but also they can fill your room with great ambiance if they are scented. Varieties of scented and flavored candles are now available in the market which can be booked in advance to decorate your bedroom for the wedding night.

Best bedding style for wedding night-Candles

Dimming the light on a wedding night is always a good idea so make sure you have bought your set of candles for the wedding night.

3. Balloons

If you or your better-half love colorful balloons; then decorating your bedroom for your big night is not going to be a problem for you at all! Balloons add volumes to the beauty of any room and are considered to be a very important decorative item for any kind of function.

Best bedding style for wedding night-Balloons

For wedding night; generally red colored balloons are preferred with love quotes on them. You can either hang the balloons on the ceiling or walls or just leave them resting on the side tables or vanity tables.

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4. Assorted Chocolates

Wedding is all about love and love is all about sharing. Over the recent years; the trend of using assorted chocolates in decorating the bedroom for wedding night has gained immense popularity.

Best bedding style for wedding night-Chocolates

Order some champagne and good brand of multifarious chocolates for your special night to make it more classy, romantic and fun at the same time. You can even get baskets of chocolates or combined them with fruits as well.

5. Soft Shades

A good color scheme of the bedroom where you will spend your wedding night is very important. Most of the times; the same bedroom is used as the master bedroom for the couples for times to come.

Best bedding style for wedding night-Soft Shades

Therefore, it is necessary that you paint that room with softer tones so it may not appear very dark. Moreover, bedroom accessories like bed sheets, pillow sets and comforters should represent various shades of red color which is considered to be the typical wedding color.

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This post is written by Elena Juliet. She likes home decorating and hanging out with her friends. She regularly blogs at MyMattressPads.