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11 Simple Ways To Make Reading More Productive


Reading? It’s how people install new software into their brains. Reading can be more effective with practice and using other aids. Reading can be a complex process at times but here are 11 simple ways to make reading more productive.

11 Simple Ways To Make Reading More Productive

1. Focus

Ways To Improve Reading Skills-Focus

A very obvious thing FOCUS. I hope you don’t want to read NaCl as Na and put it in water filled beaker and then Blast! Like I did when I was in class 9th. So stay focused and try to keep things inside your brain rather than letting it fly over. Avoid distraction, and when you are on a serious study schedule better keep your evil phone away or in Flight Mode.

2. Create Comments In Your Book

Ways To Improve Reading Skills-Add comments in book

There is no issue in writing in your books. Have you noticed that in some books there are margins at any one end? That space is to be used for writing important points or some additional information. Many self-assessment books have blank pages for exercise and other activities. And Yes, don’t write anything in your library books. It’s your responsibility to return it to its best condition as it is to be shared with other students.

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3. Use A Highlighter

Ways To Improve Reading Skills-Highlight Content

Yellow! Sky Blue! Green! May it be any color, use a good highlighter. Mark the new keywords, important formulas, and necessary facts. This will help you while creating your notes and also while revising.

4. Make Notes

Ways To Improve Reading Skills-Take Note

Noting down the important points is an integral part of the study. While making notes remember the following points:

     – Write the important and difficult concepts which you feel like to be reviewed later.
     – While learning long procedures, note the keywords for every step.
     – Use diagrams to relate or understand concepts.
     – Write the important formulas
     – Try to make a list rather than paragraphs.
     – Use different font style (Bold) and symbols (Tick mark).

5. Have Different Aids To Supplement Your Reading

Ways To Improve Reading Skills-Read on various devices

Your smartphone can be an excellent source to assist you while reading. How? Download an online or offline dictionary to help you know the meaning of those complicated words. Don’t just conceptualize anything, try to find out the actual and exact meaning.

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6. Know Your Purpose

Ways To Improve Reading Skills-Know Your Purpose

You might grab a book just for reading, but all books are of different genres and you might be reading it for a defined purpose. When you are reading for leisure, say a romantic book then you may just appreciate the literature or love the story. But when you are going through your academic books that are when you are reading for learning them, your aim must be to focus on the facts, learn the concepts, connect and summarize all the things learned.

7. Opt For The Best Book

Ways To Improve Reading Skills-Opt for the best book

For different genres, there are several books available from numerous writers. Don’t select any book randomly. You know your purpose right so make your choice according. Read reviews of the book or ask a friend before buying it. Your time is precious utilize it at its best.

8. Ask Yourself

Ways To Improve Reading Skills-Ask Yourself

Ask yourself questions regarding what you are reading? When you ask yourself, it gives you a clear idea of what you are learning. You get to know why you agreed or disagreed with the statement or till what extent you have finally learned from the entire reading.

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9. Explore More

Ways To Improve Reading Skills-Explore More

Google it! Don’t only stick to your books. Always try to explore more. You may use Google or any other books or refer any journals. Have a glance at the footnotes and acknowledgments you may find out more new interesting points or details.

10. Discuss With Others

Ways To Improve Reading Skills-Discuss With Others

Share you learning or with your friends. Why not join a club where you can exchange your books and notes. And discuss your new strategy regarding the academic project with your teacher! When we share, we learn more.

11. Read Everyday

Ways To Improve Reading Skills-Read Everyday

Develop a habit of reading more. Prefer carrying a Kindle or some notes or magazines of your interest. Go for a friend’s recommendations. Make reading a part of your daily routine.

Summing It Up

Best Ways To Improve Reading Skills

I hope these ways will really make your reading more beneficial and hence will enhance your focus and boost productivity. If you have any more tips for making reading more productive, let us know by commenting in the box below.

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