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5 Signs Your Home Badly Needs a Makeover

Signs Your Home Badly Needs A Makeover

This is a guest post by Ash Genete who is a consultant at Revolution Precrafted 

Approximately 10 hours of our day are spent in school or at the office, while some of us spend it doing chores or running errands. Despite the differences on how we spend our time, at the end of the day, all of us just want to lounge around our home to relax or recuperate from a long day. But, are you happy spending those hours at home?

Ideally, your home should feel like a sanctuary. It’s where you relax, reenergize, and rejuvenate yourself after a tiring day. But, if your humble abode is starting to make you feel uninspired more than motivated, maybe it’s hay time to do a little bit of a makeover.

Wondering if your home needs one? Here are 5 interior faux pas to help you decide.

1. Clutter, clutter everywhere

Do you feel like household items are taking over the entire house and making it look cluttered and congested? In residences, clutter isn’t good. Aside from the fact that your things are left gathering dust and other potential allergens, clutter can make you feel sluggish.

Researchers from Princeton University Neuroscience Institute have found a link between lack of focus and delay in processing information to living in a cluttered home. So, if you want to improve your mental faculties, install more storages and get rid of cluttered spaces.

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2. Ordinary items are considered furniture

If you find yourself using non-furniture items like furniture, a makeover project should be in order. Boxes aren’t chairs, and scrap plank woods aren’t tables (unless, of course, they’re crafted DIY projects). But, if you’re using them out of desperation, that’s another story.

3. Original colors are showing

One of the most telling signs your house needs a makeover is when its paints are peeling. Ruined walls can make your home look dirty and untidy. Fortunately, you can make your house look brand new again with a little bit of fresh paint.

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4. It’s looking more like a cave than a house

Apart from clutter, dark homes can look claustrophobic and boxed-in. Try installing more light fixtures or adding a window or two to easily make your home look brighter. Having more areas for natural light to come in can also help you save a ton on electricity costs.

5. Unwelcoming

We often tell our guests “make yourself at home.” But, if your house isn’t welcoming at all, guests might feel uneasy to hang out at your place. Although spending time outdoors is advisable, you should strive to make your home a comfortable place for your loved ones.

A strong indicator you’d benefit from a makeover is when friends and family start to feel more excited to leave than to stay. You don’t have to overhaul the entire house all at once. Just make sure you’ve got the right kind of furnishings to complement your lifestyle.

Summing It Up

A home makeover may not be easy, but the long-term benefits are truly worth it. It’s an investment that can help you reawaken your artistic side, re-energize your spirit, and bring about good energy.

Remember, if you’re experiencing any of these factors, it’s time to browse the web for home improvement inspirations. You can also get in touch with an interior designer to help you turn things around. At the end of the day, don’t forget to enjoy the process!

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Ash Genete is a consultant for Revolution Precrafted. Aside from real estate, architecture and interior design, his interests include media, marketing and pop culture. He’s a Pokemon fan. If he’s not writing blog posts and doing academic researches, he’s probably at the beach or on a mountaintop.