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5 Incredibly Important SEO Lessons For Every Startup

SEO Lessons For Every Startup

Why should you, as an entrepreneur, be concerned about the search engine optimization? Because if your business has any kind of digital presence (who doesn’t these days?), you need SEO to drive traffic to your website. It helps you increase the quality of your website by making it faster, user friendly and easier to navigate. SEO, in short, is a game with carefully set rules that you need to play with the search engines to optimize your website for them to give you a better ranking. Because if you are not on the first page of the search engine results, you know who will be? Yes, your competitor. SEO not only gives you new customers, it also determines your popularity.

My first piece of advice before we get into the list is to try and cut out any resellers and go straight to the source. Some agencies, such as PlacementSEO, allow people to resell their services which often comes with an increased mark-up in price. However, if you were to go directly to PlacementSEO, you may find that you get a better deal overall. As always, with any deal, do your own due diligence and try to find the best service, at the right price.

5 Incredibly Important SEO Lessons For Every Startup 

1. Decide your target keywords

A user types in a keyword in a search engine. The search engine comes up with a list of results based on the most relevant websites using those keywords. It is imperative that you know what keywords are important to your website. If you are a gifting app, you need to concentrate on keywords like gifting, online gifts, gifts for her, gifts for him etc. If a user types ‘gifts for mom delhi’, you need to come up with creative ways to include keyword variants naturally and organically in your content to show up in the result page. Engaging in SEO means that you are staying competitive, that your brand gets the exposure 24×7 and that you are constantly getting new customers. You should always use a search engine optimisation agency though.

2. Indulge in Content Marketing

SEO is heavily dependent on good content. Therefore, creating and sharing content that attracts and converts more and more prospects into customers is very important. The content, though, should be closely related to what you sell. You could have interesting blogs, videos, catchphrases, podcasts etc. 86% of companies today are using content marketing. But less than half are any good at it. Content marketing done right can take your brand from good to great.

Coke’s “Share a Coke” campaign gave everyone an opportunity to personalize their favourite drink. Coke took 150 most common names in Australia and added them to the bottles. The touch of personalization made people feel special and the campaign was an instant hit.

3. Be active on Social Media

Social media today is more important than ever. With majority of the population living on social media, it is a great platform to make new customers. For a startup, engaging in social media is a great way to get the desired attention to your brand. With the right content you can connect with the potential customers and directly present your brand to them and have people talk about your brand. Through social media you can determine the popularity of your brand. It also drives high quality traffic to your website. If people are engaging with your brand on social media, there is good chance that they might go to your website as well.

A good example of a great social media presence is Airbnb. Through their fun ‘Hollywood & Vines’ videos to their heart touching ‘Stories’ section, Airbnb has been able engage everyone(even non-customers).

4. Mobile friendly websites

According to studies, about 40% of the people who have a mobile phone use the internet and half of them go online at least once every day. There is no point having a website that is not easily accessible through a mobile phone. When a customer finds that your website is not mobile compatible, they might switch to a website that provides similar services and is mobile compatible as well. You may find this difficult to do this alone, it may be worth asking for help from a web development company such as Influce Inc if you would like a mobile compatible website. Or the alternative to a mobile friendly website is creating an app, which of course is little more tedious and an expensive affair (though effective). But, having a mobile friendly website is great for SEO as it helps improve rankings on mobile friendly search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

5. Off-site SEO

Off-site SEO focuses on a website’s relationship with other websites. Creating inbound links and making sure that you are present in online directories and websites where your potential customers might visit is off-site optimization. For example, if you are a book dealer, having a link on Amazon.com would be beneficial to your business. Your off-site optimization includes your social media presence, press releases, blogs, SEO articles – anything that brings in more traffic to your website. Off-site SEO should be reviewed and updated regularly as it is as important as your on-site optimization.

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