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How To Revamp Your Home Exterior By Pressure Washing?

How to revamp your home exterior by pressure washing

A home exterior speaks a lot about the family living inside. It reflects your lifestyle and love for the living place to the guests. As soon as you become a homeowner, you become liable for all upkeeps and safeguarding of your cherished home. You not only have to make sure that all installations are working well, and the house is organized properly but making sure that it’s entirely clean is also imperative. Cleaning your home exterior takes more time and organization as compared to a few minutes broom-and-mop cleaning job inside.

A clean and beautifully painted house states that the family residing inside is experiencing a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle. A clean exterior also helps the homeowner notice the problems quickly and get those fixed in on time before they escalate to bigger and expensive affairs.

Maintaining a beautiful and clean home exterior needs constant attention. It’s natural for every property to lose the charm and look tattered over the years. The foremost reason for the rugged look of homes is inevitable weather beats that chip off the paints and damages the siding, deck, sidewalks, patios, driveways, exterior walls and fixed outdoor settings. The buildup of pollutants, grimes, dirt and stains make your place appear dull.   

But technology has a solution for every problem. And for this problem, pressure washing comes to your rescue. Whether you want to list your property for sale or are planning a house makeover, pressure washing is huge to every home. Let’s suppose you want to sell a property. It is the exterior that puts the first impression on the buyers. No matter how beautiful and organized your home is inside and regardless of the quality of material used for construction and installation inside your home, only a well-maintained exterior will tempt the buyers to walk inside.  

No matter what, pressure washing is the only way to restore a disgraced property to its previous state. It makes your house look new and fresh in no time.

How To Revamp Your Home Exterior By Pressure Washing?

1. Get the Right Tool

You can hire some professionals for the task. But the good news is that you can do it yourself. It is easier and costs you nothing except the cost of buying the instrument. You can rent a pressure washer if you’re sure you will not be using it frequently.

But if you are extra-conscious about the appearance of your house and are not too lazy to clean every dirt particle as soon as it appears, you must buy one. There are different types of pressure washers each having different abilities. Before you purchase one, make sure you compare the rates on the Internet.

Read the documentation to make sure that the model is appropriate for your job. This documentation will also give you step-by-step instructions on how to set up your machine and how to decide the right spray pattern for the current job. You must read it carefully because settings vary according to the surface you are cleaning and whether you are performing a high-pressure job or just applying the detergent.

2. Prepare for Pressure Washing

Once the washing tool is prepared, get the work area ready for cleaning. Remove everything that can snag the hoses. Turn off electrical power and cover them with duct tape. Cover plants carefully and close nearby windows and doors.

3. Cleaning Different Exterior Types

a.) Brick and Mortar

If you notice damaged joints, first patch and allow them to try for a week. Soak the bricks using a low-pressure spray before applying detergent. This will prevent detergent from settling into the bricks.

Stand a few inches away and work upward with the spray. Once done with cleaning and bricks had dried, scrub off the white substance that is efflorescence using a dry wire brush.

b.) Siding

Start with repairing the damaged siding. Spray away from the gaps around the window and door trim. If the panels overlap, wash the topmost panel first.

c.) Stucco

Patch the cracks and allow them to dry for a week before pressure washing. To protect the texture of walls, hold the spray gun so that it hits the stucco at a 45-degree angle. Keep the nozzle 24 inches away from the surface. Clean copper and rust stains using a brush and rust removal solution. Clean the solution off with clean water through a garden wash.

d.) Pressure Washing Gutters

Cleaning a gutter can be clumsy. Use a high-pressure spray pattern and rinse the surface with clean water to remove spots caused by water, detergent and grime splashing.

4. Finishing your House Washing Task

Once you’re sure that you have finished with cleaning, flush the surrounding area with clear water to dilute detergent residues. Then read your manual to know how to relieve the pressure washer, drain the liquid from the pump and store the machine. Do the needful as instructed to keep the washer ever-ready for upcoming cleaning projects.


  • Use the detergents intended for pressure washing.
  • Keep your windows and exterior vents away from the high-pressure
  • Avoid pressure washing your home if it is painted with lead paint.

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