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7 Reasons Why Sachin Tendulkar Is Best Cricketer

7 Reasons Why Sachin Tendulkar Is The Best Cricketer

Sachin Tendular has now been one of those distinguished personalities of India which the nation can claim as one of its great blessings. With his sheer determination and perseverance alongwith his passion for cricket, he gradually made it large in the world of cricket, the beginning of which started at a very early age. The position he holds today n the hearts of every Indian is undeniable. His victory is much more than the numbers and he is above it all. In this article, I won’t harp about his scores or wickets but would anlyse the traits which he solely possessed to reach where he is today. You can always google up for his runs and centuries but let us dig into his character and find out what is it we lack in.

7 Reasons Why Sachin Tendulkar Is Best Cricketer

1. Passionate

Reasons Why Sachin Tendulkar Is Best Cricketer-Passionate

This hatred for failure is the only element in a person that keeps him motivated. I heard him share his attitude for each match in an interview where he stated that each day he pledges to score the best and at night prepares himself to score better the next day.This mindset of his is actually what made him a holder to innumerable records and finally lead to the completion of his double century. His struggle to win each time inspite of a lot being already in his pocket and at the same time keeping up with the sportsmen spirit is worth appreciating. Also it’s of the pressure of expectations of the large population back in the country but his desire to give his best each time. We surely meet his passion for cricket each time at the field.

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2. Great Control Over The Mind

Reasons Why Sachin Tendulkar Is Best Cricketer-Great Control Over Mind

This statement itself brings to us the filtering process of his brains. His firmness to stick to things that really matter and keep away from what is actually not going to get him anywhere is what we all must imbibe from him. Where we see many cricketers frustrated and violent towards, Tendulkar appears as a calm individual who is numb to random opinion of others.

3. Discipline And Acceptance

Reasons Why Sachin Tendulkar Is Best Cricketer-Discipline

As is said that discipline, commitment, dedication and punctuality is the key to any achievement in life and that is only what god has made us capable of. Once we leave no stone unturned to maximise our potential, we should leave everything to God above. This immense faith of Tendulkar is quite fascinating about him.

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4. Gives Credit

Reasons Why Sachin Tendulkar Is Best Cricketer-Gives Credit

One needs a big heart to give credit to everyone for a victory which at times could largely be a consequence of his sole efforts. His generosity is evident from this against distinguishes him from the rest.

5. Social Concern

Reasons Why Sachin Tendulkar Is Best Cricketer-Social

We hardly get to see any sportsperson being vocal about social issues. This not only brings forth Tendulkar’s concern of the low literacy rate but also his awareness of our country. The mention of statistics makes his statement well researched where we always see sportsmen endorsing numerous brands to make money, Tendulkar comes into light as man sensitive to his people, his country and as a voice to those 200 million women. This is what sets this cricketer apart from others.

6. Focus

Reasons Why Sachin Tendulkar Is Best Cricketer-Focus

Focus is the key to all the victories in life. Not only for sports but to succeed in all walks of life one must have this essential trait in oneself. Tendulkar’s ability to maintain his calm and center his energy at the task at hand has made him reach the zenith in the world of cricket. His potential to decipher the situation and control his reflexes and responses set him apart from the other around.

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7. Gratitude For His Parents

Reasons Why Sachin Tendulkar Is Best Cricketer-Gratitude towards Parents

We have heard this various times from Sachin himself the profound love he has for his father which is obviously not unnatural. Each time he completes a century, he points with his bat towards the sky and thanks his father for everything. That’s really cute

Summing It Up

There is obviously a lot more in his persona to be talked about. If one even imbibes even half a percent of his dedication and determination anyone can make the best of oneself in life. His life is an example meant to be preached. It dictates how how it is to be lived, cherished and made successful. No other cricketer can even match to him ever. So let’s just feel proud that we share our nationality with him and learn from his life experiences and responses.

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