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10 Reasons Why Robin Williams Was Everyone’s Favorite

10 Reasons Why Robin Williams Was Everyone's Favorite

Robin Mclaurin Williams, a legendary actor and a comedian whom we lost 2 years back. He was the person whose every movie inspired most of us. From a standup comedian to feature film actor, he was known for his improvisational skills. He touched the millions of lives through his work and his being. His life was a gift to all of us.

He was a hero for his talent and for his moral courage.

His love of fun, laughter and youth made us his huge fans and also the favorite for most us. There are many reasons that why he is the most favorite actor and is being missed deeply by his fans.

10 Reasons Why Robin Williams Was Everyone’s Favorite

1. One of the reasons which made us fall in love with the actor was “Dead Poets Society”. The movie that pushed us over the edge from casual moviegoer to full-blown film junkie. His character which made us laugh hysterically in one moment and crying in next moment and that too within the span of a single film was remarkable.

Robin Williams-2

2. From an inspired teacher to creepy Sy Parrish, Williams in this role was creepy in his creepiness. He has done lots of wacky-crazy things in this film. This was the film which grew more respect for him as an actor and also adding to our list of favorites.

3. He was never afraid to look ridiculous as seen in “Mork and Mandy”. From the day he burst onto America’s screens as the adorable alien Mork, Williams was never afraid to look a bit stupid. When Mork got his own television show, Williams used to indulge in a variety of wild jumpsuits and rainbow striped dungarees.

4. Williams really wanted us to love him as seen in “World’s Greatest Dad”. It was his one of the finest role where Williams threw his desperate desire into sharp relief. A master class in smart, self-loathing satire with a true fist-pumping feel good ending. This was Williams most hilarious, disturbing, unpredictable, Intelligent and extremely lovable character.

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5. He was a great Villian as seen in “Insomnia”. Robin Williams being a bit creepy man, he was brilliantly able to pull to plow the edge of nagging discomfort into a handful of beguiling and at times genuinely shocking villainous roles.

6. He was a terrific dramatic actor as seen in “Good Will Hunting”. His transition to roles from outright comedy to dramatic roles left all of us in surprise. His performance as a psychologist mourning his dead wife was so strong that one could have easily slipped into saccharine. This role of his truly proved why he was everyone’s favorite.

7. He never stopped doubting himself as seen in “Deconstructing Harry”. It’s rare for a high-profile actor to display their self-doubt issues but Robin Williams wore his raging inferiority complex like a badge of honor. It fed into his wild stand-up routines, his freaky personality spilled interviews and his lifelong battles with drug and alcohol addiction have shown him as an extraordinary person.

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8. He was a lifelong outsider as seen in “The Fisher King”. He may have been seen a stalwart of mainstream Hollywood cinema, but Williams never really felt like an industry insider. His dedication to taking weird little roles in weird little movies continued throughout his career. His performance used to be graceful and truly heartbreaking in his every movie.

9. He took on the establishment as seen in “Good Morning Vietnam”. As a product of the free thinking, Williams was never one for shutting his mouth and toeing the party line. His stand up shows often tackled political subject that made him different from all other actors and this quality of his was loved by his fans.

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10. He was never afraid of taking risks. One of the great examples is his movie “Popeye”. Robin Williams took the title role in the movie, delivering one of the most unusual leading man performances of all time. The film was a notorious flop but viewed in hindsight, it was freaky and strangely appealing.

Summing It Up

Robin Wiliams-1

Thus, he was a host of other. His remarkable film work remains to remind us that Robin Williams excelled at both rich comedy and heartfelt tragedy. This talent of variations in him truly made him everyone’s favorite person and actor.

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