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3 Mind-blowing Reasons Why Plastic Surgery Is Still On Rise

Mind-blowing Reasons Why Plastic Surgery Is Still On Rise

This is a guest post by Roman Winter, an aspiring freelance writer with a love for fashion, property and finance.

In the last decade, the number of horror stories regarding plastic surgery has risen massively. With the Poly Implant Prothèse (PIP) breast implant scandal making Breast Surgery Claims soar, as well as claims emerging that breast implants now pose the threat of cancer and horror stories about plastic surgery gone wrong in the press, it’s quite surprising that these surgeries are still so popular. What’s more surprising is that popularity is actually increasing!

With over 51,000 Britons opting for cosmetic surgery in 2015, it was a record year for the industry. For instance, although women still account for 91% of cosmetic procedures in the UK, the number of men opting for Cosmetic Surgery has almost doubled in the past decade – having gone from 2,440 treatments in 2005, to 4,614 in 2015.

So why is it so popular still? Here are a few reasons…

3 Mind-blowing Reasons Why Plastic Surgery Is Still On Rise

1. Social Media

The age of the internet and social media is definitely transforming the way people see and feel about themselves.It’s no lie that people experience feelings of envy after they scan through a friend’s social media stream. Rather than making us feel connected and supported, skimming through friends’ photos can often trigger feelings of loneliness and inferiority.

Moreover, the recent trend of taking selfies has resulted in a pressure to make oneself look better on social media, which has a direct effect on our vanity and self-esteem. According to a survey by RealSelf, an online information-sharing community relating to cosmetic surgery, 15.37% of participants confirmed that social media has influenced their choice to undergo a cosmetic procedure.

2. Celeb Culture

We now live in a world that is obsessed with celebrities and celebrity culture, and what do celebrities look like? Well perfect, of course. With the rise of celebs like the Kardashians who partake in cosmetic surgery seemingly every other week, it’s easy to see why people are influenced into getting work done themselves. Young people in particular see their favourite celebs getting work done and instantly wanting to look like them, or at least look better than they do now.

3. Variety

With the increase in demand in cosmetic procedures has come the increase in supply.  With an endless mix of surgeries available, from nose jobs and facelifts, to tummy tucks and bottom implants, if there’s something you don’t like about yourself, you can get it fixed. This choice and variety has meant that literally anyone who has the smallest thing about their appearance that they don’t like can get it changed.

Summing It Up

So despite TV programmes showcasing how wrong surgery can go, and news reports about the endless list of potential complications, it seems that people still think the risk is worth taking when it comes to plastic surgery. In the growing world of celebs and social media, it seems the population is becoming increasingly obsessed with vanity and looks – so cosmetic surgery is here to stay!

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An aspiring freelance writer with a love for fashion, property and finance. He has seen his work published on several publications including MNSWR, Grooming Mail and First Time Buyers.