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8 Reasons To Break-up With Legacy HR Software And Move To Cloud

Reasons To Break-up With Legacy HR

Be it a newly launched start-up or an established enterprise, they all crave for one common goal and that is a burning desire to be agile and efficient in everything it does. This is because being efficient and agile helps a business grow and reap more profits. It has become the need of the hour to survive in today’s cutthroat business ecosystem. This calls for embracing novel technologies to stay ahead of the curve.

With that being said, a number of business enterprises particularly start-ups and small businesses do have areas of improvement in each department and this without doubt includes the quintessential and often-overlookeddepartment of human resources (HR).

Managing routine HR roles and responsibilities is certainly cumbersome if one does it manually or on some legacy HCM tool. Routine yet critical tasks of HR include attendance tracking, deducting taxes, calculating receivables/payables, filing taxes, payroll, etc.

As businesses are trying to outmatch their competitors at warp speed, efficient and smart HR software has become an integral tool to manage its most crucial asset, i.e. its employees, which if overlooked can land a business in troubled waters.

Nevertheless, recent technological advancements have come as a sigh of relief, as now a cloud based HR software can address all the common painpoints encountered by HR departments and its people when processing payroll and executing critical people management processes.

Here are eight prominent reasons it’s time to ditch that standalone HR tool of yours and move to a cloud based HRMS solution.

1. Unparalleled Mobility

Cloud HR software offers instant and hassle-free access to all your critical employee data from any device and at any time.This bestows excellent flexibility to HR personnel and managers, as they can carry out critical tasks even when on the go. Talk about improved productivity. Further, since almost every HR software today offers employee self-service app that enables employees to access and update their details from their smartphone devices without having to ring up the HR department thus, saving a significant amount of efforts and time for your HR people. Talk about empowering employees as a whole!

2. Frees your IT Crew

With all the data stored on cloud servers at the vendor’s end, there is no need to shell out on expensive hardware equipment or on setting up on-premise systems therefore, taking off a huge deal of load off your IT crew. Now no installation of additional hardware or software peripheral means zero maintenance cost. System upgrades and updates are also not a thing to worry, as the vendor takes care of the same so your IT crew doesn’t have to do it manually.

3. Automation is the Key

One of the most prominent benefits of cloud based HR software is that automates and streamlines all your critical HR tasks and yes, this includes payroll processing as well.For instance, HCM software automatically calculates salaries, TDS, tax deductions, etc. thus, paving way for a redundant and error -free payroll processing. Most importantly, it saves your HR department from the draconian task of manual computations. Bid farewell to those frustrating payroll inaccuracies. Last but not the least, automation also means no duplicate entries ensuring that everyone stays on the same page. Moving to the latest payroll program can truly enhance your overall system and help to automate the system from start-to-finish.

4. Budget-friendly

As mentioned above, there is absolutely no need to install expensive set-ups and hardware, which makes cloud based HR software apocket-friendly option. Thus, SMEs and start-ups alike too can join the league of bigger players in automating their HR and payroll operations. No need to shelling out a fortune!

5. Statutory Compliance

Payroll undoubtedly is a complex procedure, since it is governed by a number of stringent rules and regulations. This is why it is imperative for an organisation to compensate its employees accurately whilst complying with the various tax regulations. Cloud based HR software assists your HR people to do these in an effortless manner, as it assures that your business stays compliant to the numerous tax and employment regulations by keeping abreast with the changing rules.

6. Scalable

Being SaaS based model, a cloud based HRMS solution offers unmatched scalability. Pick from the various pay-as-you-go subscription plans per your preferences/needs and you are good to go. Choose what fits your budget the most. Thus, it can adopt to your growing organisational needs and changes quite seamlessly. Pay only for what you use and need.

7. Access to Real-time Data

Access to real-time data is something that every business craves for to make sound and informed business decisions. An automated HR software helps HR managers to get a clear picture of the entire department and employees. This is something that is not achievable with a legacy or standalone traditional HR solution. Sound people management decisions are just around the corner with Insightful analytics and data is available 24 x 7 at your fingertips.

8. Reliable

For a business spread across multiple geographies, it becomes a nightmare for its HR department to handle payroll and HR tasks, as they often need to hop from one system to the other. This often invites inefficiencies, inaccuracies and worst of all, duplicate entries leading to chaos. This is not the case with a cloud based HR software, as it offers a unified and centralized hub for all your critical HR and employee data leaving no room for inconsistenciesand redundancies. No more running helter-skelter.

Summing It Up

So if you find yourself running through heaps of spreadsheets or multiple calculations for processing payroll every month, then it’s high time to dump your legacy HR software or practices and make way for a cloud based HR software for a streamlined and agile HR department. It not only helps you save time and money, but also aids to get rid of those painstaking manual calculations.

Now you know where to head to if baffled with the billion-dollar question of on-premise vs. cloud for simply, sky is the limit when you opt to move your key business section such as HR to cloud.To conclude, cloud HR software is a meticulous nexus of a seamless, agile and intuitive HCM solution. A perfect ‘stitch in time’ for businesses that cares for its people.

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