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10 Non Sugar Additions for Your Morning Coffee

10 Non Sugar Additions for Your Morning Coffee

With recent studies proving that coffee is actually beneficial to your health rather than a hazard as previously thought, many of us are drinking more and more coffee.

Not only is coffee a great way to boost your energy levels first thing on a morning, get you through a workout and help speed up your metabolism, but having your coffee freshly brewed for you to wake up to makes for a lovely aroma through your home.

As our coffee intake increases, it becomes more clear that adding a spoonful or two of sugar to each cup isn’t the best idea for your health or your waistline.

If you are one of those people who just can’t get used to the taste of coffee without the added extra, then you might find yourself gaining weight, experiencing tooth decay and a whole host of other nasty side effects from sugar.

There was a time when we would reach for the artificial sweetener, but studies show that artificial sweeteners are actually worse for your health than sugar.

So what’s the answer? Why not try one of these 10 alternatives to sugar that you can add to your coffee

10 Non Sugar Additions for Your Morning Coffee

1. Cardamom

Anyone who has travelled through the Middle East has probably already tried this spice in their coffee as it’s a very popular addition in that part of the world.

The spice, which is similar in taste to ginger, can add a real kick to your coffee. Add a little pinch to your brewed coffee, or for a stronger flavour, add a seed or two to your coffee beans pre-grinding.

Cardamom is well known to help to prevent some cancers (specifically skin cancer), improve your blood circulation and regulate cholesterol levels. Some people even believe that cardamom can prevent erectile dysfunction although this has never been proven.

2. Cinnamon

Simply place a cinnamon stick in your coffee pot and allow it to sit in your coffee as it brews. Once the taste is strong enough for you, remove the stick.

Cinnamon will help to lower your blood sugar, boost your immune system and help to burn fat. It’s also been shown to reduce nausea so if you feel a bit sick, this could be the ideal answer. It’s great for anyone suffering from morning sickness.

3. Peppermint Oil

Adding a small dash of peppermint oil to your coffee gives it not only a sweet taste, but also a lovely hint of mint. Make sure to only add a tiny bit as it’s really quite strong. You can always add a bit more if you need to.

Peppermint is shown to reduce inflammation in the muscles and also in the lining of the stomach.

4. Cayenne Pepper

If you’re feeling brave, why not add a dash of cayenne pepper for the ultimate kick! Add the dash directly to your coffee maker, not your cup and go easy – it is very strong!

Anyone who has ever done, or considered, a juice cleanse will know that capsaicin (which gives the pepper it’s heat) is one of the best natural substances to burn fat. It can also reduce the symptoms of type II diabetes and lower your blood pressure.

5. Coconut Sugar

Although named sugar because of its similar taste and appearance, coconut sugar has none of the nasty side effects of sugar, but it will leave you with the closest taste to sugar.

Because the coconut sugar is unrefined, it keeps all of its natural anti-oxidants and acts as a prebiotic ensuring you have a healthy digestive system.

6. Unsweetened Cocoa

Cocoa will give your coffee a sweeter taste and also give a chocolatey under taste. Add some cocoa powder to your beans before grinding them to really enhance the flavour.

For a naughtier experience (although still better than sugar) add a square of dark chocolate to your cup then add the hot water.

7. Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract provides an intense sweetness to your coffee. Add a drop or two to your cup after the coffee is brewed and poured.

8 . Unsalted Butter and Coconut Oil

For a creamier tasting coffee without the extra calories, add a knob of unsalted butter once your coffee is brewed. Add a spoonful of coconut oil for the sweetness and the multitude of health benefits that come with this healthy fat.

9. Sea Salt

This one sounds rather weird, but a small pinch of salt balances out the bitterness in the coffee and helps its natural sweetness to shine through. Keep it to a small pinch pre-brewing or the salt will do as much damage as the sugar!

10. Almond Extract

Like vanilla extract, this natural alternative to sugar requires only a few drops.

Having these non-sugar alternatives is a great excuse to go and make a pot of your favourite coffee right now!

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