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Netflix In India: 5 Things You Must Know Before Using It

Netflix in India: 5 Things You Must Know Before Using Netflix

January 6, 2016, is the date when the Netflix, the world’s best video streaming services, launched in India. With it, comes the smile on the faces of thousands of people, who were eagerly for Netflix’s launch in India. But before you start using its services and watch your favorite movies, TV series on it, here are a few things you must know about using Netflix. So, here are 7 things you must know before using it. 

What Is Netflix?

The majority of you have a complete idea about the Netflix. But for the people, who are hearing the word ‘Netflix’ for the first time, here is some information about the same.

Netflix is an on-demand video streaming service, which provides thousands of famous movies and TV shows to you instantly on various devices. The benefit of Netflix is that you do not have to wait for your favorite TV show to get aired, as in the case of televisions, and you can watch them anytime from anywhere. You may even get the chance to record the episode or movie, if you feel, you are going to miss it. 

What is Netflix?

The TV shows and movies from Netflix can be seen on almost all the devices and the only mandatory ingredient is the INTERNET connection. Hence, with the internet connection, you can stream your favorite movie or TV show on almost all the devices. Some of the devices that Netflix supports include:

  • Smart TVs
  • Tablets (iPad or Android)
  • Smartphones
  • Computers 
  • Gaming Consoles (Playstation, Xbox, etc.)

Therefore, whether you are on your way to the office in the public transit, at a coffee shop or waiting for your friend to come, you can spend time by streaming your favorite shows on your mobile via Netflix, keeping yourself entertained. 

Netflix In India: 5 Things You Must Know Before Using It

Now as you have a complete idea about the Netflix, let us have a look into some of the important things you must know before you use this amazing video streaming service. 

1. Plans & Pricings In India

Plans & Pricing of Netflix in India

One of the most important questions people ask is the pricing of Netflix. So, to make you aware of the pricing, the Netflix will have similar pricing to its primary market of US. There will be three variants for you to choose from.

(a) Basic – Rs. 500 Per Month

The first and basic pricing is of Rs. 500. With this, you can watch all your favorite shows and movies on single screen at one time.

(b) Standard – Rs. 650 Per Month

This is the second pricing option by the Netflix. By paying Rs. 650 per month, you can have the access to two screens at the same time and includes all the features of Rs. 500 pricing plan. 

(c) Premium – Rs. 800 Per Month

By paying Rs. 800 per month, you will have the access to four screens at the same time, along with all the features of the previous two pricings. You also have all the UHD content in this pricing. 

As a good gesture, Netflix is providing the first month free of cost to all of its users. It means unlimited TV shows and movies free of cost. Though, you have to pay a charge of Rs. 70 during the signup process. You can do this by paying with your Paypal account or through your credit card only at the moment. 

2. How To Watch Movies Or Shows On Netflix?

How To Watch Movies Or Shows On Netflix

As informed above, you can use among variety of devices to watch your favorite movies or TV shows from Netflix. However, if you want to use your television to use Netflix, it must be a smart TV or it must be connected to an Android box or an Apple TV. On the other hand, you can have an uninterrupted experience of streaming videos on your smartphone, tablet or on the laptop. You can even go for mirroring of your laptop screen to your TV screen via an HDMI cable. 

3. Is There Any Censored Content On Netflix?

Censored Content On Netflix

Well, it depends on the age you enter during the signup process If you are above 18, there will not be any censored content, though everything on the Netflix will be rated. On the other hand, while signup process, if the Netflix finds that you are a person under the age of 18, then definitely you are not going to have the access to any adult content. 

4. How Much Indian Content Is Available On Netflix?

ndian Content On Netflix

As of now, you may have the disappointment with the availability of Indian content on Netflix as there is very limited one. However, Netflix is in continuous talks for getting more and more Indian partners onboard. Therefore, for now, you can only find some of the famous Bollywood classics, which include Piku, Hum Aapke Hai Kaun, etc. on the Netflix. But don’t worry, you will not have wait for so long when the Netflix will be a big platform for the independent cinema, which do not find much of the place in the Indian theaters. 

5. Will The Netflix Be A Success In India?

Netflix Be A Success In India

Seeing its popluarity overseas and in America, there are fair chances that Indians will love Netflix. One of the most important reasons, the avialability of the content on Netflix, which otherwise is hard to find in India – at least legally. Secondly, the availability of ultra HD content will allow the people to use their full HD TVs to its full extent. 

Summing It Up

Netflix In India

The pricings of Netflix cannot stop Indians to use its services. Being already famous in the United States of America, the Netflix has 69 million users globally out of which 42 million are from the US alone. Well, now we have to wait and watch whether Indians can overcome this number or not. Till then 

Happy Hunting on Netflix!!!

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