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16 Most Beautiful Architectural Pieces You Must See

16 Most Beautiful Architectural Pieces You Must See

From Taj Mahal of India to Colosseum of Rome, there are numerous beautiful pieces of architecture. No doubt these architectures really inspire people to cross overseas to come and witness its true beauty.

Out of so many architectural pieces, we have selected the best 16 pieces with a bit description about them to know why they are worth seeing. So, here is a list of some of the most beautiful architectural pieces you must see. 

16 Most Beautiful Architectural Pieces You Must See

1. St Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow

Most Beautiful Architectural Pieces-St Basil's Cathedral, Moscow

This beautiful colorful architecture is also known as Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed. The church is situated on Moscow’s Red Square and was built between 1555 and 1561.

Initially St Basil’s exterior walls and domes were not as colorful as they are today. This color and other minute details were added during the 200 years after construction.

Since 1990, the church has been a part of the Moscow Kremlin and Red Square UNESCO World Heritage Site.

2. Fallingwater, Pennsylvania

Most Beautiful Architectural Pieces-Fallingwater, Pennsylvania

Designed in 1934 by famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. It was created with an unified and organic composition, which limited the color palette at Fallingwater. And thus two colors were used throughout, a light ochre for the concrete and Cherokee red for the steel. 

Fallingwater enamours many visitors through the world. And you know what draws them? – a most trance house in a beautiful natural setting.

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3. Leaning tower of Pisa, Italy

Most Beautiful Architectural Pieces-Leaning tower of Pisa, Italy

Leaning tower of Pisa is inclined at 3.97°. The tower embraces eight stories, including the enchanting chamber for the bells. Inside the tower there are seven bells. Each bell represents one note of the musical major scale.

So go and have a visit to Pisa, and don’t worry its not going to fall on you. It is estimated that it will remain stable at least for 200 years.

4. Petronas Towers, Malaysia

Most Beautiful Architectural Pieces-Petronas Towers, Malaysia

The tower represents the courage and culture of the people of Malaysia. The two towers along with the bridge aims to resemble the ‘M’ of Malaysia.

And an interesting fact! Visit to the tower is free of cost but with a daily tourist limit of 800 persons. The tower remains open every day except on Mondays and during prayer times on Friday.

5. Space Needle, Seattle

Most Beautiful Architectural Pieces-Space Needle, Seattle

An observation tower which was erected in the city of Seattle, Washington, in 1962. It is 520 feet high, attracts more than a million visitors annually. It’s one of the most popular tourist attraction in USA.

There is SkyCity Restaurant which revolves at 500 feet, from where you can enjoy an amazing scene at night. Wish I could be there!

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6. Colosseum, Rome

Most Beautiful Architectural Pieces-Colosseum, Rome

The Colosseum was formerly named Flavian Amphitheater and you can still see this name on the Colosseum today. It is the most impressive and biggest building of the Roman Empire. The Colosseum is a popular destination for botanists.

Colosseum closing times vary throughout the year, it closes 1 hour before the sunset. And to skip the long queues opt for a Roma Pass or book a guided tour.

7. Taj Mahal, India

Most Beautiful Architectural Pieces-Taj Mahal, India

At no. 7 is one of the seven wonders of the world, The Taj Mahal. It was built in stages, with the plinth and the tomb taking about 15 years and then the building of the minarets, mosque, jawab, and gateway took another 5 years to get completed. Different types of marbles were used in the construction, brought over from many various regions & countries.

Depending on day time and occurrence of the moon at night, Taj Mahal appears to be of diverse color every time. Some says that this changing pattern of colors depict different moods of a woman. Taj Mahal receives 2-4 million visitors every year with over 200,000 from overseas.

8. Nidaros Cathedral, Norway

Most Beautiful Architectural Pieces-Nidaros Cathedral, Norway

Nidaros Cathedral is an unusual beauty and fascinating combination of medieval architectural styles. Climb the tower to enjoy elegant and precise views of Trondheim and its surrounding scenery.

The cathedral’s crypt displays a mesmerizing collection of medieval tombstones, found during excavation. Also has a Visitor Center that includes a gift shop, café and public washrooms.

9. Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

Most Beautiful Architectural Pieces-Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

Sophia is the Greek word for wisdom and the full name is ‘Shrine of the Holy Wisdom of God’. Hagia Sophia began as a church, later became a mosque, and serves as an admirable museum today. It has been standing for more than 1400 years.

10. Santa Maria del Mar, Barcelona

Most Beautiful Architectural Pieces-Santa Maria del Mar, Barcelona

The church dazzles with its octagonal towers having flat tops, huge bare surfaces and an exceptionally tall interior. On the main doors, workers carrying stones on their backs are represented, in honor of the guild members who helped to transport the heavy stone from the quarry to their new church.

Especially the interior of the Santa Maria del Mar worth a visit. An important note, the English-language tour lasts for 40 minutes and also includes a visit to its roof. Without guide, the roof cannot be visited.

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11. Flatiron Building, New York

Most Beautiful Architectural Pieces-Flatiron Building, New York

One of New York City’s most beloved buildings is the Flatiron Building. The Flatiron Building is only 22 stories tall though it looks so tall. And at one end its only 6 feet wide.

It’s technically a skyscraper, but still seems small amidst the other towering giants of the city. And there’s no observation deck at the top.

12. St Michael’s Golden Domed Monastery, Ukraine

Most Beautiful Architectural Pieces-St Michael's Golden Domed Monastery, Ukraine

The St Michael’s Golden Domed Monastery, to be found on the banks of the Dnieper River. The original construction of this beautiful and brilliantly colored monastery started in the Middle Ages. However in 1930’s the Soviet authorities demolished and after Ukraine gained its independence, it was been rebuilt in 1990.

Even though the monastery is no longer as its original structures, it is still a very respected historical site and astounding structure to explore.

13. Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao

Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao

The museum exhibits modern and contemporary art. A series of  many interconnected buildings make up the museum complex. The titanium coated structure reveals a modernist sculpture on a grand scale. It attracts international attention for its architecture.

The Guggenheim Bilbao operates Tuesday through Sunday, except during the high season of July and August. The museum closes early on Dec. 24 and 31. You can also book tickets online.

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14. La Pedrera, Spain

Most Beautiful Architectural Pieces- La Pedrera, Spain

La Pedrera is the popular name for Casa Milà. It is also known as Quarry house, because of the unusual construction. The front of the house looks like massive rocks, the bright stone of the facade distinguishes it from all other architecture and is very expressionistic. The house itself consists of two houses, connected by the facade, the ground floor and the roof. Each has its own courtyard and an entrance.

For a visit, we recommend you to schedule before two hours. With the pre booked tickets, you can avoid the queues.

15. Buckingham Palace, London

Most Beautiful Architectural Pieces-Buckingham Palace, London

If you are interested in the British Monarchy you should head over to London to know more about the Buckingham Palace. Although the palace is still to this day used for Royal ceremonies and State visits, its Any curious general public can visit the state rooms between July and September to know more about how the ruling class live.

Holding an impressive 775 rooms, Buckingham Palace boasts 52 royal and guest bedrooms and 19 state rooms. There are also 1,514 doors and 760 windows, cleaned at every six weeks. Buckingham Palace is a great option site if you want to spend a day sightseeing by foot.

16. Sydney Opera House, Sydney

Most Beautiful Architectural Pieces-Sydney Opera House, Sydney

The architectural style is Expressionist Modernism which involves novel form. The glass used in the building is unique to the Sydney Opera House, and was ordered in France. The House hosts 3,000 events every year. Its performances have an annual audience of two million.

If you are ever in Sydney and thinking what to see first, then go and visit the opera house. It is one of the greatest entertainment venues in the world and has hosted some of the biggest names in the entertainment world.

Summing It Up

After such a heavy dose of inspiring, mesmerizing and beautiful architecture you must be thinking to plan a tour. Take out a sheet, have a look at your calendar, plan a holiday with your friends or family. And don’t forget to share your experience by adding a comment below.

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