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11 Mindsets You Must Have To Become A True Winner

11 Mindsets You Must Have To Become A True Winner

This is one of the most surfed topics on the internet. Hence, analyzing how much in today’s world people are desperate to win each time, I thought of bringing out some practical ways to make you come close to your dream.

Before anything, it is important to make it explicit that ‘great things happen from within’. This urge to win should come from within too. No external force can push you further but you. To exemplify this consider an egg. If an egg breaks from outside life ends but if it breaks from inside life begins. So now you know that every positive outcome has its initiation from energy inside of you. So, here are some mindsets you must have to become a true winner in life.

11 Mindsets You Must Have To Become A True Winner

1. Impossible Is Nothing

Mindsets To Become A True Winner-Impossible Is Nothing

Before you take any step towards your ambition, it is necessary to believe that what you are looking forward is attainable and you have the potential achieve it. It is all in the psychology, i.e. what you feel from within. In the face of adversity, we all get scared and tend to lose belief that we have the ability to defeat them. Just imagine this- If a tea stall owner can become the Prime Minister of the largest democracy; Arunima Sinha can climb the Mt Everest with an ‘amputee leg’; socially oppressed, deprived of resources and unmotivated Dalit brothers can reach IIT; people are reaching the moon then how difficult is it for you to write a best seller or record an album or start a company.


2. To Quit Is Not An Option

Mindsets To Become A True Winner-Do Not Quit

If you pick up an autobiography; a biopic or an interview of your role model or any individual who has made it successful in his/her field, you’ll see one thread common in everyone’s life- SETBACKS
And all of them claim that their success was a byproduct of their choice to not to make compromises with their dreams. In other words they refused to ‘QUIT’.

We all need to realize that ups and downs in life are universal and have their share in everyone’s life. Those who keep rising reach their destination while those who leave the job in midway land nowhere. So, prepare yourself mentally that there will come a time when all the external forces would be against you but sooner or later they pass by. They always do and you grow up as an individual.



3. Never Let Anything Hold You Back

Mindsets To Become A True Winner-Do Not Hold Back

Let me begin this by telling you what Akash Gautam, one of the most famous motivational speakers of India says:


This in itself solves the entire problem for those who have a past which does not let them move forward. To overcome that you really need to be strict with. While going to bed when you visualize what used to be or what could be’ just remember what stays in your head , stays in your life. This one thought holds you back because it consumes all your energy and destroys your mental peace.

Those who are able to give up their current temptations and get attracted to something way more tempting can change and make their life better.

4. Clarity Of Vision

Mindsets To Become A True Winner-Have Clarity of Vision

This is the initiation of the whole process of which the final destination is what you call ‘winning’. Having a sense of what victory is to you is very important. It could be about the highest marks in board examinations, winning a cup before a large number of people, performing before your role model, giving an interview for a magazine, becoming a billionaire, writing a best seller, winning an Oscar or for that matter a The Nobel Prize and the list goes on. It can be anything but this one thing should be right there as clear as crystal in your mind. Only when you know achieving what brings contentment to your soul you can walk ahead on this path of success.

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5. Spend Sleepless Nights

Mindsets To Become A True Winner-Spend Sleepless Nights

This comes from the great poet Harivansh Rai Bacchhan’s poetry ‘Leheron Se Darr Ke,’  he writes:

जब तक न सफल हो, नींद चैन को त्यागो तुम,
संघर्ष का मैदान छोड़ कर मत भागो तुम।

Work hard day and night until it bears fruits. In the end, all this pain will be worth it.

6. Make Worthy Compromise

Mindsets To Become A True Winner-Compromise

It is important to understand that to reach the zenith of anything we are compelled make choices. When we do that we leave a lot behind because that pulls us back from our core. We will have to distance ourselves from our relationships, friendships just to stay close to our dreams. It takes a lot of courage but have faith that


You will get through.

Just remember to make all the compromises you have to, in order to achieve your dream but NEVER COMPROMISE ON YOUR DREAMS.

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7. Focus All Your Energy On To It

Mindsets To Become A True Winner-Focus Your Energy

There was a lucrative Greek quote I came across on YouTube which said that human beings are going to be the only life forms that would not do as well as it possibly could. Have we ever seen an animal giving up on its search for food out of fear or powerlessness or unavailability of food itself. No! it continues to look for it everywhere till it gets something to satisfy its hunger. Consider the trees too. Have you ever seen and that didn’t grow as tall as it possibly could. You would deny this too. Man is considered to be the most apt life form. It’s important to channelize your energy into that constructive work and give vision to your ambition. Leave no stone upturned and be the best.

8. Know The World Competes With You

Mindsets To Become A True Winner-World Competes With You

This comes out from the preaching of Late APJ Abdul Kalam himself. His analysis was that everyone desires to be UNIQUE. But everyone else in this world is trying his/her best to make you just everybody else. This thought seemed to be extremely powerful to me. So now you know why this world is a bitter place 😛 . Your survival depends on your abilities. Inherit or acquire them BUT HAVE THEM.

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9. Be Obsessive

Mindsets To Become A True Winner-Be Obsessive

If your goal doesn’t interfere in your sleeping patterns, if it isn’t the first thought you come across when you wake up in the morning; trust me it’s hard for you to attain it because you aren’t fully engaged with it. This yearning or obsession will pull you to great lengths towards your goal. See nothing above or below your goal but the goal itself.

I guarantee you will get it.

P.S. – This is tried and tested.

10. Be Determined To Struggle Through Your Handicaps

Mindsets To Become A True Winner-Struggle

Just assimilate the day you dominate what suppressed you for so long you would be a winner. But for that to happen you will have to fight with your own-self, with what you are and run really fast towards your goal and let nothing stop you. Let’s read Bachchan again.

संघर्ष का मैदान छोड़ कर मत भागो तुम।
कुछ किये बिना ही जय जय कार नहीं होती,
कोशिश करने वालों की कभी हार नहीं होती।

11. Finally, Leave It To God

Mindsets To Become A True Winner-Leave it on God

Once you are done with all you could and gave the final attempt centering all your energy on it, leave it all to God above. It’s the time when things are beyond your control and the existing supernatural powers will tabulate your result.

As Krishna says-

Karm karo fal ki chinta mat karo.

Summing It Up

In this article, I have brought-forth the essential elements your mindset should have. However winning demands a lot more than this. This is just the first step. A proper planning and execution & implementation is important. We need to get over our habits and compromise on our cravings. But all said and done you should mentally be prepared first. If there is anything I missed out do comment below.

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