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6 Mind-blowing Reasons Why You Should Run Everyday

6 Mind-blowing Reasons Why You Should Run Everyday

Let me introduce the true motive behind this blog. Well, it’s not about the benefits of running. It’s about motivation to know why running should be a part of your routine. Because I have initiated running in the past, ran a few 100 miles, lost hope due to inefficient time management in the process of making it a habit. And now, here I’m bringing myself back on track and helping others. I have experimented the pros and cons of running on myself. It has been a very effective experience for me why running should be on your everyday list.

Just rack your brain and try to imagine when was the last time you placed your palm on your heart and hear it beat faster and louder than before? When was the last time you held your breath for a leap or a jump? Or when was the last time you were drenched in sweat and you were happy about the feeling of some accomplishment? Our life has become so deskbound that we hardly get any time to invest in ourselves. There are times we feel so sick unable to do anything. You feel as if you are caught up in a whirlwind of a black hole that’s endless. Slowly, growing rotund day by day, adding more flesh around the belly. Our mind is subjected to think of all these minor things until you determine to run! Let us see the true benefits of a regular run.

6 Mind-blowing Reasons Why You Should Run Everyday

1. Better Performance of Brain

Your brain grows everyday. And as your muscles recreate, your brain also needs some recreation of cells. An early morning run / jog increases the volume of mid-brain that helps controlling vision and hearing. Running also creates new cells that tend to shrink as a person ages. Apart from these positive effects, running relieves your brain from stress and inculcates better performance. Studies say that regular running improves the cardiovascular fitness, slows down the degeneration of brain cells that cause Alzheimer’s as you age.

2. Reduce Anxiety & Keeps your Poise

Running reduces the anxiety level and calms your brain. This results in an increased amount of a chemical called norepinephrine that is the lowest during sleep and highest when at stress.

3. Builds Confidence

Do you ever feel less competent or low on confidence when you are taking a new task in hand? Running, not by shirking away tasks, but physical running and burning calories build confidence. An accomplishment of a good run is a major factor that builds confidence. As a result, running not only grows you physically but also builds your mental mettle.

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4. Slows Ageing

Well, research states that running makes you look younger. It increases the lifespan by three years. Well, the truth is, running slows down the degeneration of muscles, joints and keeps you in good shape. It reduces high blood pressure, helps to increase heart rate, and the consistent deep breathing keeps your lungs healthy.

5. Keeps you Gaiety

Running helps to improve your mood. After a run, our brain releases hormones such as neurotransmitters, endorphins, and endocannabinoids that act as stimulators for enhancing a delightful mood. They are strong resistors to depression and trigger a positive feeling in our body.

6. Not hitting the gym for the leg workout?

The leg workout of the week is the most painful. While some willingly enjoy it, most of the people have skipped the leg day. For those who hate the leg workout, and for those who don’t hit the gym, running shapes almost every muscle of the leg. The biggest muscle in the body – Gluteus that keeps your trunk of the body in the erect position is in the legs. Glutes, quads, calves, hamstrings are effectively worked out through running.

Summing it up, Why you need to run?

A British Sikh started running at the age of 89 years and became the world record holder for the oldest marathon runner of his age bracket. Fauja Singh, aged 109 years now, is a living example of fitness, agility, and a true inspiration. So, boot up and tie those laces tight and scoot in for a run! Just keep it as a habit and see the change.

Be the change for yourselves!
Stay healthy! Stay fit! Start running!

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