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13 Meeting Etiquette Rules Everyone Must Know

Ever wondered etiquette could play a stunning role in work meetings and even in unintended meetings. It is dread because meetings are not always fun. Nevertheless, when you are attending one, more important is that you should comfort yourself in courteous and professional manner amid your bosses, executives and coworkers. It is self-evident that as we grow up and experience some conviction, we must be socially appealing and meet the demands of it. It is also worthwhile in leaving a long lasting impression when you conduct yourself to individual or group. Using proper etiquette doesn’t mean you are stuffy, it reflects that you are thoughtful of other and respectful. In another form, it also conveys high esteem of other cultures and tradition. So, here are 13 meeting etiquette rules everyone must know.

13 Meeting Etiquette Rules Everyone Must Know

1. Be On Time

Important Meeting Etiquettes-Be on time

While discussing the etiquette, punctuality comes down to be a prominent factor in outlining etiquette rules. Make sure you always arrive on time. You don’t wish to spoil anyone’s time right? It is advisory that leaders always reach on time or before the meeting are scheduled. It shows how concerning you are for your peoples.

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2. Make Introductions 

Important Meeting Etiquettes-Make Introductions

It’s obvious when nobody knows each other in a meeting, it’s time to make introductions. It should be always kept in mind that the highest rank person would be introduced first by the new comer’s. Sometimes opportunity knocks at your door, go present yourself with the noteworthy introduction.

3. Sit Appropriately

Important Meeting Etiquettes-Sit Appropriately

In most cases meetings are held in a sit-down manner. You must ensure that you’re sitting properly not like laying downward or forward relying on a table. It makes a terrible impression among your peoples sitting in the room. Make sure to adjust your chair, so that you are at equivalent height with everyone else on the table. In addition don’t make many moves adjusting yourself and always avoid sitting in cross leg manner.

4. Come Prepared

Important Meeting Etiquettes-Come Prepared

 If you know what’s the meeting up to, what are its objectives and purpose. It will make you stand out in front of the chair members. So always come up knowing your part and never forget to ask the question and answer whenever required.

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5. Never Keep Cell Phones On The Table

Important Meeting Etiquettes-Never keep cellphone on table

It is seen that many people keep their cell phones on the table. If you are among them, it’s time to avoid keeping it on the table during the meeting. Even if you are not looking at your phone frequently, it makes disturbing whenever screen lights or rings. Perhaps you should keep it in your pocket and keep it in vibration or silent mode.

6. Speak Up

Important Meeting Etiquettes-Speak Up

Speaking makes that your presence is noticeable during a meeting. Remember whenever you speaks, speak it loud so that it should be clearly audible to everyone on the board. Find some meaningful statement and speak to it especially at beginning to draw an impact. Always ensure to make proper participation in the meeting by keeping your point. Never hesitate.

7. You Can Drink Coffee But Don’t Proceed To Eat

Important Meeting Etiquettes-Have Coffee

 Yes! you can drink coffee during the meeting on board. It makes better sense if everyone served with it.

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8. Always Stand When You Are Being Introduced

Important Meeting Etiquettes-Stand When Introduced

It helps to establish your vital presence at the time you are introduced. It is anticipated that it’s easy for peoples to ignore you when you don’t stand.

9. Dress Properly

Important Meeting Etiquettes-Dress Properly

Well, you all might already know dressing makes earn reputation and professionalism. The way you cloth can enhance you professional reputation or even undermine the credibility. Always make sure that your dress code you wishing to get over must fall under the guidelines.

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10. Initiate Handshake

Important Meeting Etiquettes-Initiate Handshake

Exactly! whenever you meet new peoples or executives extend your hand first if it comes to the order of rank, Higher rank people should initiate first. It makes the decent impression on the fellows.

11. Be Confident

Important Meeting Etiquettes-Be Confident

Always take care of this term, speaking or hosting in the improper manner often leads to disrespect. Always speak or host the meeting with full energy and confidence. It makes you win peoples’ trust. Moreover, you will succeed in your outlook.

12. Comprehend The Unwritten Speaking Rules

Important Meeting Etiquettes-Comprehend The Unwritten Speaking Rules

Thinking. No worry, it is not considered gracious if you interrupt other during a meeting, but in certain meeting you can interrupt if you can be better in your way or if you don’t hear properly. But always ensure follow the guidelines of meeting and turn in into the productive meeting.

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13. Don’t Hold Back Questions For The End

Important Meeting Etiquettes-Don’t Hold Back Questions For The End

Most often seen that peoples get afraid to ask the question during the meeting, thinking what if my question is irrational. Don’t be afraid of it, go ahead and ask because it’s better questioning at the appropriate time rather than keeping your query during the meeting. You are the leader, remember.

Summing It Up

Hope this could have finished you reading with learning etiquette and its prospect. Always come up with these etiquettes and I’m assuring you will be a leader in yourself. People will start discussing your attitude. Who doesn’t want to be admired Right? Go ahead follow the rules. Stay ahead.

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