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5 Independent Clothing Brands You Must Know About

5 Independent Clothing Brands You Must Know About

This is a guest post by Roman Winter, an aspiring freelance writer with a love for fashion, property and finance.

With so many power house clothing companies taking over the industry, it is easy to get carried away with them. However, if you dug a little deeper, you could find some brands that have the same genuine quality, but with a host of products that you’ve never seen before. The beauty of independent clothing brands is that their clothing isn’t mass produced, making them unique, timeless and individualistic. Any of the items can be exactly what you need, rather than having mass produced products that are following trends or are only produced in order to make money. Independent clothing brands are there for you to appreciate clothes and buy them because they fit you, so we have come up with 5 independent clothing brands for you to consider.

5 Independent Clothing Brands You Must Know About

1. Antony Morato

Best Independent Clothing Brands-Antony Morato

Morato are now becoming more and more of home name, since their establishment in 2007. Lello Caldarelli is the man behind the luxurious brand and have created a distinct brand with Italian heritage. Antony Morato have a range of t-shirts, jeans, shorts and shirts with both smart and casual styles available. Not only do they have a wide range of luxury clothing, but Morato introduced ‘Three Umbrellas’ into their ranges.

The Three Umbrellas are divided into Gold, Silver and Black, which each in turn represent different sections of Antony Morato. Gold is a representation of the sophistication of the brand, Silver is a representation of the sports luxe styling and the Black Umbrella, helps Antony Morato focus of seasonal trends, expanding further and further.

2. Autograph/ Atoo

Best Independent Clothing Brands-Autograph

Autograph have quickly established themselves as a major retailer, but in Birmingham. Autograph have a concept for a menswear store that would offer a contemporary style unlike any other. Their unique services and with a rich tradition in customer service, Autograph have been voted one of the finest menswear shops in the UK. Recognised as the UK Independent Retailer in 2011, Autograph have gone from strength to strength. They have incorporated brands such as Sunspel, Grenson and Crombie and have continued to move from strength to strength in the menswear sector.

Their mixture of English and luxury brands have seen Autograph establish themselves as a firm favourite in our top 5 independent brands.

3. Android Homme

Best Independent Clothing Brands-Android Homme

Image: davidkswift

Similar to Antony Morato, Android Homme are becoming increasingly popular by the day. Javier Homme, who is the designer and the Creative Director of Android Homme, has created and established Homme into a niche market. Homme have established themselves within street luxury footwear, creating footwear that is comfortable, stylish and unique compared to the other major. It doesn’t stop there as Homme continue to produce contemporary designs, drawing inspiration from street, urban and contemporary fashion that is ever present for the modern man.

Sticking to their principles, Android Homme have created a style that is fearless, motivated by family values, perfect down to the finer details and created with innovation. If you truly want something different and created for the modern man with no limitation, Android Homme is exactly what you need.

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4. 1 Like No Other

Best Independent Clothing Brands-1 Like No Other

1 Like No Other have a strict set of principles when it comes to producing their clothing. They only want to include creativity, quality and integrity into each and every piece of clothing they create. With a perfect outlook on a unique brand, 1 Like No Other have a distinct style compared to the likes of major retailers. Since the launch in 2002, they have embodied their Irish tradition and created signature pieces of clothing. Every new season they create will focus on introducing an innovative print within their collection, which will be a focal point. They offer a limited supply, creating a personality, not something that is mass produced.

If you are one to focus on looking and feeling different, 1 Like No Other fit perfectly down your street. Their price may be a little higher, but they values, quality and style shine brighter than those who simply produce clothes in order to line their pockets.

5. Blood Brother Clothing

Best Independent Clothing Brands-Blood Brother Clothing

Blood Brother Clothing are another who have established themselves in the independent clothing world. Based in London East-End, Nicholas Biela and James Waller have have never looked back since the early days in 2011. The idea behind the brand was to blend street wear with independent fashion, creating a Blood Brother Clothing range. Similar to 1 Like No Other the clothing the brand has stuck the principles of dark, British, stylish and contemporary men’s clothing. If you are looking for something truly independent, Blood Brother Clothing is right up your street.

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