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7 Incredibly Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Procrastination

7 Incredibly Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Procrastination

To put off doing something until a future time. Whenever we are encountered with any task that is unpleasant, painful or requires hard work, our first response is to put it off for tomorrow. It shifts the burden of responsibilities onto others, who become resentful, harming the inter-personal relationships. Procrastination destroys teamwork in the workplace. Moreover, we start lying to ourselves by giving strange excuses to ourselves like- there’s enough time, it is not important or it won’t matter if you do it today or tomorrow. Despite knowing for the fact that ‘tomorrow never come’ we think we’ll be able to do things tomorrow. What about the work of tomorrow? When will you do that? The day after tomorrow? It’s a constant cycle unless you break it using these methods, which will tell you how to get rid of procrastination forever.

#1 Make A List Or Timetable

Incredibly Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Procrastination-Make a timetable

It should be placed where you are able to see at all times. This will ensure that you remember what you have to do, at what time and complete by what time. You can divide these

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#2 Write the goals that are to be achieved and give yourself a deadline

Incredibly Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Procrastination-Set Goals

These should be written in big bold letters so that they always attract your attention. And for ensuring that you stick to the time given for completing these goals, you will have to give up something that you like if you are unable to complete the goal in the given period of time.

#3 Start with small things

Incredibly Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Procrastination-Start Small

Try with a smaller to-do list, which has easily attainable goals so that the first or second time you are able to feel the satisfaction that you get on completing a work on time and this will prove to be a motivator for completing the tasks next time.

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#4 Put FEAR to use

Incredibly Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Procrastination-Fight your fears

Fear of what you don’t want or fear of the desired result can be a powerful tool against procrastination. Visualize the future which is opposite of what you aim for, this will encourage you to work on time.

#5 Reevaluate the list

Incredibly Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Procrastination-Reevaluate your list

Look upon, after a period of time, the progress that you have made and the points where you are lagging behind. Assess the practicality of the goals and if need be, go back and rearrange the timings and goals.

#6 Involve other people

Incredibly Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Procrastination-Take Help

‘Two is better than one’, include 2 or 3 members in your task, this can be your friends or parents, it will make adhering to the task easier. Another thing that can be done is to ask your parents or friends to question you about a particular work again and again, in order to get free from nagging you will do your work. The solution won’t work for a long time but it’s OK to start with it.

#7 Two-minute rule

Incredibly Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Procrastination-The Two Minute Rule

This rule has two phases: in the first phase, you have to do things instantly that take 2 minutes or less to be completed and you already have skills and resources to complete the work. Its second phase consists of the goals that require time and patience, start with doing them for 2 minutes. Example: have the assignment to complete? Start writing with the goal to write only for a minute, chances are you’ll stay at it until you complete the assignment. Time is precious and invaluable. We have it in a limited amount in our hands to achieve all that we wish for. The difference between a successful person and a failure is the usage of the same 24 hours that both get. The former does all the work on time, giving attention to details and making his work nearly perfect whereas the latter puts his work off for last time, leaving no scope for details accuracy and precision.

Summing It Up

Research tell that there is the big cost of procrastination. One of them health-just over the course of a single academic year procrastinating students had such evidence of compromised immune system for the gastronomical problem and increased a risk of alcoholism and insomnia. Procrastination is a maladaptive way of life which can lead to missed opportunities, unfulfilled dreams and at large of- miserable life; so use time wisely till you have it, because time is it eternal but we are not.

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