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5 Incredibly Easy Ways To Own A Home You Will Truly Love

5 Incredibly Easy Ways To Own A Home You Will Truly Love

This is a guest post by John who has been a real estate consultant for over five years and putting Philippine properties for sale up in the market and closing each and every transaction he makes has always been his gift.

“We can finish a house, but never a home. Once you fall in love with a house, you find continual pleasures in fixing it up and making innovations that satisfy your creature’s comforts.” –Alexandra Stoddard

Coming to love a home that you already have is relatively easy. Finding one to fall in love with on the other hand, though, is harder. Much like how you have expectations from the potential love of your life, your prospective dwelling would require you to set standards and qualifications.

It has to meet a certain personal set of criteria that would satisfy your very distinct needs and wants—this is a long-term commitment after all. However, remember not to set the bar too high that it would be almost impossible to find a home that is suitable for you. Be discriminating in your taste, be discerning when it comes to your criteria but most importantly, be realistic enough to realize that it is almost impossible to find a home that would suit your every want and need.

Keep in mind that although there is no perfect home, there are ways of coming close to that by choosing the best one based on your non-negotiables which should definitely include your budget. From this, you can turn any prospective real estate investment of yours to an ideal living space for yourself. Whether your dream home is in a condominium unit in Senta or a house and lot in Taguig, here are five ways to go about finding a home that you will truly love.

5 Incredibly Easy Ways To Own A Home You Will Truly Love

#1 Choose items and things that you really treasure and create a space that you will enjoy staying in

Items of sentimental value or things that you truly treasure do not only create a personalized ambiance in your home but they also have a way of making any space feel cozier and pleasurable to stay in for you. Keep in mind that this is your home, so only you and your family members should have a stay as regards the items you have inside. Feel free to listen to recommendations and counsels from relatives and friends, but do not feel compelled to follow all of them if they do not sit well with you.

#2 Select a home that is appropriate for your household dynamics

Communicate with your family members and see what kind of lifestyle they prefer. Is your family more into the city life or the provincial one? Do you like your privacy or do you wish to get more involved with the community? These are just some of the questions to take note of when you are canvassing the market for your next home. Be sure that your selection would cater to the best interests of the household and consult your family members whenever necessary.

#3 Keep your new home clean

One failsafe way to appreciate your environment and surroundings is to see it in its natural stated which should be devoid of clutter and dirt. In the same vein, to appreciate your homes better, keep it as spotless as you can possible and remember to clean as you go. This may sound tedious to you, but cleaning as you go saves you more time than actually doing some major cleaning to do for later. Additionally, discard of any items that are no longer of any use or are in no way in serviceable shape to you as these will only make up a huge chunk of the clutter that is taking up valuable space in your home.

#4 Buy quality furniture—but do not overdo it

Part of what gives a home its charm is the furniture used in it. Having a house equipped with beautiful and even inventive pieces of furniture that could double as art is one very gratifying way of enjoying your new home. However, do keep in mind that all of your furniture do not need to be exclusively designer. Sometimes there are things you would need that are not necessarily chic but would serve another function or two which would be more appropriate for you. 

An instance would be investing in a chiropractic mattress and preceding the one that is made of Italian fabric as it would aid your aching back. Remember that your home is not an open shelf where you are compelled to put the finest things on display. Enhance your home’s functionality and comfort, not only visual appeal.

#5 Move around your stuff once in a while

After months or even years of living in the same space, seeing the same furniture arrangement can get a tad bit too tedious. To prevent this scenario from becoming a pall of negativity in your home, spice it up by changing how it looks. You do not necessarily need to renovate or even redecorate your home—all you would really need to do is move the furniture around, add a few decors and art pieces to complement and enhance a space and you are all set.

For best results, highlight your home’s best assets by showcasing the best items in there but do not go overboard, or you might risk concealing your home’s natural beauty if you overwhelm it with too much stuff.

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John has been a real estate consultant for over five years. Putting Philippine properties for sale up in the market and closing each and every transaction he makes has always been his gift. He’s single and currently living in one of the finest condos in the country.