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5 Important Things You Can Do With Your Old Books

5 Things You Can Do With Your Old Books

Books have always been my friends. All through my childhood, they were a permanent fixture in my life, thus, you could almost say they were my childhood buddies. Needless to say, when the time comes to part with them it isn’t very easy. But certain practicalities, such as lack of space etc., leave me with no other choice. That is why I am here to share with you 5 easy ways to make use of old books.

5 Important Things You Can Do With Your Old Books

1. Donate Them

Things You Can Do With Your Old Books-Donate Them

You can never go wrong here. There is always someone less fortunate out there who hasn’t had the fortune of getting their hands on a wonderful book and you could help set that right. You could go online with your charitable actions or maybe a visit to the local orphanage should do the job. If you want to get creative you could always place a free books box someplace frequented by people, say a café or the park and people could just peruse and pick up whatever catches their fancy. Or the local library would also be a safe bet since you can rest assured that your books will be treated well. Yes, I just said that. A book buff always worries that their books might be rough handled and if you don’t want to have to worry about that the library would be the safest bet.

2. Sell Them

Things You Can Do With Your Old Books-Sell them

Selling might actually be a brilliant idea. Let me explain. You go find a potential buyer and give away your old books and in return you get money to buy more books! That’s a win-win right? Websites like eBay and Quikr brings home buyers and you are just a click away from meeting your potential buyer. And if you don’t trust the big bad net then there are the most conventional forms of selling that you could fall back on, like maybe a garage sale. That could even be fun. You could get together a couple of friends to help and you could have a blast, auctioning off your books.

3. Trade With Friends

Things You Can Do With Your Old Books-Trade With Friends

Trading your books will take you on a journey across a variety of books you never imagined even existed. You just have to ask your friend for a book and trade one of yours with theirs. This would be an amazing opportunity to explore different genres and take an interest in your friend’s taste of books. And you never know you could possibly come across a gem that could potentially transform your life (I’m speaking from experience here).

4. Start A Personal Library For Friends

Things You Can Do With Your Old Books-Start Your Personal Library

This is something I’ve currently been doing. Since a lot of my books have been gathering dust on my bookshelves, while at the same time not having the heart to part with them permanently, I have started lending them out to friends and family and though it takes its own time to return I, at least, know I will see it sometime or if not I know can always demand it back without any consternation. Well, I can tell you from experience that the books have been going off the shelves like hot cakes. A lot of my friends actually love to read but are too lazy to find a library and so I’m the best option for them. And if I may say so I have even made a couple of new friends in college, since many sought me out to lend them a book or two. So do try it!

5. Let Your Creative Juices Flow

Things You Can Do With Your Old Books-Let Your Creative Juices Flow

Are you someone who loves to potter around with old stuff and magically transform them into something that can be called art? Well, then what are you waiting for. Check out some Do-it-yourself ideas on the internet. Pinterest is a goldmine of creative ideas that you must visit. There you will find ideas ranging from wall hangings to cute gifts for friends. So go ahead and pick out some idea or even better come up with your own and just let all those creative juices bottled up in you flow!

Summing It Up

When you are cleaning up your room or making space for something you are bound to come across some old books. Albeit the memories they hold and the fun you had reading them, you have to dispose of them. It’s for times like these that I hope you go through this list and hopefully hit on something that appeals to you.

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