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8 Incredibly Important Skills Every Man Must Have

8 Important Skills Every Man Must Have

What takes to be THE man in the year 2017? Will it be your wealth or your health or how you balance your professional life with your personal one? Well, all these are secondary things when it comes to the difficulty level or is considered secondary from the long-term perspective. There are many other smaller things or skills with which you can be the man of the hour or probably the Superman who knows a lot.

Men in today’s time are expected to be independent in every possible field whether it is doing laundry or cooking food. It takes a lot of skill and art to master those skills, and that’s exactly what this blog does for you.

This blog would lay down the various skills that you must master for your everyday needs. They’ll help you be a better man and more independent one.

#1 Cooking

The very first on the list for men is to cook good food. Cooking is not much of a trouble but cooking good food surely is. You might eat half cooked, burnt or boiled but when it comes to serving a few guests at your place, knowing the art of preparing is essential. If those guests are your partner, it is all the more important because your relationship survives on that art. So, when are you joining the cookery classes?

#2 Tie a tie

I have seen men who are extremely bad at making the tie knots. They might make it once with the help of YouTube, but what will happen the next time you wear another tie? You can’t keep wasting a lot of time on watching the tutorials every time. Make sure you learn how to tie a knot of the tie and memorize it. Hence, it’ll prove you’re an independent man.

#3 Sew a button back on the shirt

Isn’t it a task? Well, it surely looks easy when the woman in the family is doing that for you but taking the pin prick on oneself takes guts. Be the Sleeping Beauty and face your fear by sewing the button back on your shirt. You might do it wrong at first but eventually, you’ll learn. All you have to do is pass the thread through the needle hole, tie the end, pass the needle through the button in a format, repeat and finally tie a knot to tighten the stitch. There you are!!

#4 Dress for the occasion

This is another aspect where men get too confused about what to wear and where to wear. If you’d give them an opportunity, they’d wear the same outfit to work, to an after party, on romantic evenings or other places as well. Whether it is their outfits or the basic men’s underwear styles, every style is meant for a particular occasion and event. While the office is a place to be formal, parties can be semi-formal and romantic evenings are a place where looking good is important whether formal or casual.

#5 Appropriate men’s underwear

Talking about dressing, underneath fashion also counts in the same. With a plethora of styles available at online stores, you must choose the right pair for the right occasion. For example, briefs are for work, jockstraps for sports, boxer briefs for workouts, thongs for romantic evenings and more. Once you master this skill, you’ll be a stylish man inside-out. 

#6 Measure yourself accurately

You might not be the tailor who understands the measurements very well, but you must be trained in a way that you can measure yourself properly and get perfect fit clothes. Whether it is the chest, waist, hips or inside leg, the length of the leg or shoulder, or any other part, you must know how to do it right. Do it once, twice or thrice, what matters is that you’d be an independent guy once you master this technique.

#7 Shave your below the belt

Your personal hygiene is in your own hands and you must make the most of it. Whether it is just trimming your intimate hair or shaving them off all at once, you must know just the right way to do it. Soak, work up the lather, trim the edges and finally shave it all off for a smooth intimate area that is free from infections as well as is worthy of other things.

#8 Packing a travel bag

Men can be very bad at this! With a checklist in front of them, there’s not a trip where they don’t miss out on things and then crib about it. Keeping all the essentials including the clothing articles, toiletry items, first aid kit and other things isn’t that difficult after all.

Which one of the above has you mastered already? Do let us know in the comments below.

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