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5 Important Men’s Fashion Accessories To Pack For Traveling

Important Men's Fashion Accessories for travel

With a new year and a new beginning to a lot of things, you would have started to make resolutions for the year 2017. With all the absurd wishes like losing weight, quitting smoking or something else, traveling would surely on your list. Probably not on the resolution list but traveling is a part of the plan on every man’s mind when the year starts.

Holidays are surely fun but then planning, packing and traveling can be very strenuous. Planning is a stage where you decide the destination and book it for the time slot you’ll be spending there but the actual pain when you start packing. There have been numerous incidences of men forgetting something or the other that spoils the fun and that’s where this blog fits in.

This blog talks about the various fashion accessories that every man must pack before you head for your vacation this year. The following grooming skin care accessories are a must have for every man when you really want to have a fashionable vacation.

5 Important Men’s Fashion Accessories To Pack For Traveling

1. Hair gel

Starting from the top to bottom, your hair comes first. Being picky about their hair and the receding hairline, men have all the reasons to be worried. Getting a hair cut before you head to your destination is a fair idea but don’t forget to keep a small bottle of hair gel in your travel bag.

Hair gel will be able to provide you the style or settlement to your hair that you want. Just to keep them from being all over the place and being as they want to be, gel works better.

However, you must make sure that this commodity doesn’t come too harsh on your hair. Probably creme-based would be better rather than the typical gel ones in order to keep them smooth when you run your fingers through them.

2. SPF moisturizer

Coming down to your skin, the very important thing that you need to carry is an SPF moisturizer. Unlike women, men’s skin is not very fragile but that doesn’t mean that it needs no care. Being the most important part of your body that represents you i.e., face, you need to be very particular in choosing the right moisturizer. Opt for something that has more than SP content to avoid UV rays from hampering your facial skin.

Did you know that whether summer months or winters, daytime or night, UV rays affect our skin equally? Well, the sun rays are there whether during the day time or night which cause our facial skin to damage or darken over time. Get yourself something that is absorbed by your skin easily and stays longer with you. Reapply it often or as prescribed on the back of the pack.

3. Shaving kit

This had to be on the list coz you never know when the stubble will grow more than you expect. A shaving kit would include a shaving gel or creme, a brush that softly spreads the creme, razor with sharp edges to slide on the skin to get rid of hair and an after shave lotion.

You can even keep a trimmer with you to lessen the load. This kit is an essential item on the list and must not be forgotten. My dad forgot it once and then he had to spend half of the day searching for it because he generally preferred clean shave and the stubble made him look different. It shouldn’t happen with you.

4. Men’s underwear

Outfits are never forgotten by men but what they forget is carrying an ample number of men’s underwear, socks, handkerchiefs and other small clothing articles. He first being the most important for a variety of reasons, keep at least the number as long as you’re going to stay there. One for every day or a few sexier styles for romantic nights. Carry cotton or nylon pieces that are light and are quite comfortable on your body so that you carry on doing whatever you want without adjusting the pouch down there.

5. Perfume

Coming down to an overall appeal, carrying a deodorant or perfume is a necessity for every man. Whether you are the most appealing man who doesn’t need a perfume because you don’t smell bad, why not consider something light that brings out the pleasing you. Well, you never know when body odor strikes and you fall as a victim. Shop it from any online store or go about testing a few and buy it online to save some money.

Summing It Up

Did we miss anything up here? With these basic fashion accessories that make you look and feel great, you are ready to rock the vacation.

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