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7 Important Gadgets Every College Student Must Own

7 Important Gadgets Every College Student Must Own

Have you ever wondered how some gadgets can make your hectic college life into an easier one? To cope up with the ups and downs of college life, everyone deserves some aid and few gadgets can really help you out. Here’s a list of important gadgets every college student must own. 

7 Important Gadgets Every College Student Must Own

1. Power Banks

Best Gadgets For Students-Powerbank

You keep running from home to college, workshops and internships, then to a nearby stationary … the list goes on. So to keep you going, stash a power bank in your bag. It is an affordable lightweight portable gadget, compatible with different devices like smartphones, laptops, iPads, iPhones and Kindles. A power bank will keep your phone fully juiced up and will help you to synchronise with all the activities from morning till you get back home.

2. Portable External Hard Drive

Best Gadgets For Students-External Harddisk

Ever thought what would happen if your phone has a breakdown? Or a project on which you have been working for the last 10 months accidentally gets deleted. To avoid such terrific situations, creating a backup is a good option. Create a backup for your documents, photos and all your favourite movies and stuff. A 1 TB hard disk will be big enough to carry your universe of data around the campus.

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3. A Smartphone

Best Gadgets For Students-Smartphone

WhatsApp! Alarm! Calculator! Music! And a lot more. Smartphones are loaded with numerous features. Stay connected with your friends. Mail your professor. Download the PDF document. Make your To – Do lists. Follow maps and discover new places in your surroundings. Click a selfie with your friends. Enjoy music and play games while waiting at the bus stop. Smartphone these days is like a life saver.

4. Kindle

Best Gadgets For Students-Kindle

If you are one of those, who feels a book of 3718 pages is no less than a burden and hates entering the library, then Kindle is here to your rescue. This light portable device allows you to carry your books anytime, anywhere in this world. It provides you with access to many free books, also, you can rent and buy books. Its nightlight feature will help you study whole night lying in your bed without bothering your roommates.

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5. Laptop

Best Gadgets For Students-Laptop

Laptops are essential gadgets while taking the academics in consideration. From your project to your notes, laptops can handle it all. Browse through your PDFs or make the model of a switch, do whatever you need. Avoid waiting in your lab for a computer to be available. Just pull out your laptop and get started. It’s the best companion for a less stressed college life. And now when you are having your new laptop why not watch your favourite action movies with your friends.

6. Bluetooth Coffee Machine

Best Gadgets For Students-Bluetooth Coffee Machine

Exam Time! Keep yourself awake with a cup of coffee, which gets ready in a few minutes by this gadget. Just download the app on your smartphone and start brewing from your study table. Your friends would surely love this. You can also schedule brewing so that when you are back home you can instantly enjoy your delicious coffee while lying on a cozy couch.

7. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Best Gadgets For Students-Noise Cancelling Headphones

Having a blusterous roommate and you are dying searching for peace to complete your assignment? You need not hassle with your roommate on volume issues. Grab hold of this gadget and read for hours with zero disturbance. And when you need some refreshment, switch it to an audio headset and groove with your favourite music.

Summing It Up

This semester, make sure you are having all these gadgets to keep up with everything, from your education to entertainment. And what more gadgets you can think of, comment in the box below.

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