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4 Important Festival Planning Essentials

4 Festival Planning Essentials

This is a guest post by Roman Winter, an aspiring freelance writer with a love for fashion, property and finance.

Festival season is well and truly upon us. The summer has arrived, the sunglasses are out and people are gearing up to hit the likes of Download, Glastonbury and Creamfields. Whilst the major music festivals are very popular around the UK, there are still plenty of smaller, independent festivals to celebrate everything from food to beer and cars. If you’re looking to get one of your own off the ground, then follow our 4 tips below:

4 Important Festival Planning Essentials

1. Food & Drink

Festival Planning Essentials-Food and Drinks

Obviously if your festival is food and/or drink related then you will have this in abundance. If it isn’t however, ensure that you have plenty available for customers. Food and drink have the highest mark-up so this is where the vast majority of your profit will be made. When you lease food and drink stands out, ensure that you offer a basic charge to set up a stand and take a percentage of profit that is taken on the day.

2. Festival Wristbands

Festival Planning Essentials-Wristbands

Wristbands are one of the best ways of not only keeping track of your guests but also selling different tiers of ticket. For example, by either using different colours of wristband such as bronze, silver and gold, or different materials such as fabric wristbands and rubber ones. VIP wristbands always sell well and enable you to offer a few free drinks in exchange for a much larger entrance fee – wristbands are relatively cheap, even for the most expensive looking ones, so this is an area you can really look to exploit when offering tickets.

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3. Marketing

Festival Planning Essentials-Marketing

Probably the single most important aspect of any festival – do not spare any expense or effort. Even if you don’t sell as many tickets as you’d like in the first year, the marketing will still pay off the following year when people will see a familiar named festival returning and if you did your PR correctly then there will be articles in the local papers on how much a success it was. Some of the key areas to focus on in the build up to your festival are social media channels, celebrity endorsements, flyers and promotional offers.

4. Live Performances

Festival Planning Essentials-Live Performances

Whether you’re running a music festival or a food festival, it is important to have plenty of live performances, this could be a demonstration by a professional chef, a live performance by a musical act or a stunt by a racing driver. It is great for engaging with the attendees and will give them something a little different to remember the day by and a memorable, enjoyable day will keep them returning year after year.

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An aspiring freelance writer with a love for fashion, property and finance. He has seen his work published on several publications including MNSWR, Grooming Mail and First Time Buyers.