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How To Decide – MIM vs MBA? – 11 Important Differences Between Masters In Management and MBA(Infographic)

Since years an MBA is seen as the ideal path towards transitioning into a management role, and it has remained true to its reputation with various alumni going ahead to take up prestigious positions.

But to pursue this sought after degree, thousands of students struggle with accumulating years of work experience.

With the average age of applicants hovering around 27-28, one cannot think of taking up the MBA before he has 4-5 years of experience safely tucked under his belt.

This duration is especially painful for people who know they want to switch to a management role but need to accumulate those precious years of work experience, to make their move. Sometimes in roles they detest.

But in recent times a tide of change is sweeping across the world. To see if an MBA Course is right for you have a look at the MBA reviews here, alternatively if you think an MIM might be the right way forward then continue reading below.

The Masters in management, also known as Msc. in Management, a phenomenon which started in Europe, is now making its presence felt as a viable alternative to the MBA.

This degree is ideal for people who have just graduated or have less than two years of work experience, hence making the transition of switching fields much more seamless and faster.

Additionally, with companies from McKinsey and Bain to EY and Google recruiting from top Masters in Management schools, it is turning out to be a very lucrative degree.

To make things even better the Masters in Management tuition fees are half of what a normal MBA costs, and with salaries in the range of 40,000 to 60,000 euros it is offering a great Return on Investment.

No wonder schools, right from NUS in Singapore to Kellogg in the US are offering the MiM as flagship degrees.

But overall the MiM is not a direct competitor to the MBA, as both target a different age group of students, and have multiple other differences.

The following infographic will give you an idea of the 11 factors which differentiate the MBA from the MiM, and help you determine which side should you be on in the MBA vs MiM battle.

11 Important Differences Between Masters In Management and MBA

MBA vs Masters in Management

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