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How To Use Google Duo? – A Detailed Guide

How To Use Google Duo - A Detailed Guide

When we talk about Video calling applications the first name heading in our minds is Skype, Facetime and Google Hangout. These are three ruling applications in the digital market today. In this tough race, Google has released a new application that aims to compete with Skype, FaceTime, and Hangout. Well, indeed this going to be difficult for Google to set up a good market value for Duo in front of these three massive apps. However, still to help you out, here is a complete and detailed guide on how to use Google Duo.

However, Google Duo is been launched with some impressive features to count on. For example, it provides you an ability to video call your friends and have a one to one chat with them, Watching a live view of the caller before even answering the call, using one of the best user interfaces that actually allows you to explore about the app and much more. Google Duo has an end to end encryption that enables you to freely talk to your friends without thinking about the security of your personal data. What more can we ask for!

With these incredible features, the Google Duo has able to earn over 5 million downloads since the time of its launch. You got to think about the apps amazing features from its popularity.

There are many users, for that matter, interested users who are curious to know its in and out. So today we are here to discuss its guide that will take you through every feature and its literal working. Hope you find it useful.  

What is Google Duo?

Google Duo is an application that is developed by Google exclusively for Android and iOS devices. It is a simple video calling application for interested users. Literally, Google Duo is launched as an amazing alternative to its competitors like FaceBook messenger, Skype, FaceTime, and Hangout.

How Google Duo’s Features Work?

#1 First and Foremost

Download the application from your Google Play Store, it is 100% free and there are no in-app purchases unlike other video calling applications. As soon as it installs on your smartphone open the application from the home screen.

The app will ask you to agree to its terms and conditions about using your contact list. From here you can decide whether the application can get access to your microphone, camera and send notifications to you.

Once you are done over here, you have to enter your phone number. It will send you a verification automatic code. Once you enter the code you’ll be able to use the app easily.

Soon you’ll be able to its main screen which is divided into two equal halves. The upper half will show what our camera is seeing and the bottom half will give you a massive video calling button. Once you click the video button, it’ll ask you to get an access to your contact list. Press agree and it will take you to your contact list.

#2 Start Video Call

Now every time you open this app for video calling it will show you that big video button and the camera screen. Soon when you’ll start using this app regularly it will show you small shortcuts button down the screen for your most used contacts. This is for a better service from Duo.

So once you understood it’s working and you call off your friends, it will say ”Smile!Knock Knock is on!”. This will save you from embarrassing moments. You have to remember that while you are calling your friend they can see you live on their screen before even answering the call. Though this an amazing feature to notice but sometimes you can be annoyed with it. Thus, Google Duo also gives you an option to disable the feature for the time being.

While you have a call request from your friend it will show you buttons like mute, camera view exchange, answer the call or end the call buttons. In fact, according to me, the application is quite simple and straightforward to use.

In the same way, when your friend calls you can notice his or her number, name on the screen with their live video. You can enjoy this new technology only in Google Duo and no other application.

#3 Manage Your Duo Application

While you are on the main screen of the app you’ll notice three dots in the upper-right corner of the screen. If you click on the dots it scrolls down options like Settings, Help, and Feedback. They all aid you to have a better experience with the application.

The settings option allow you to disable Knock knock option, limit your data usage, allow a phone to vibrate while a call incoming, block various numbers from your contact list as well as unregister your phone number.

Summing It Up

Google Duo is much more than a video calling application. It is totally secure with the end to end encryption and regular update of the app. You can get notification of your mobile about its changes and upgradation. You can surely use it for free on Android and iOS devices. I assume this new application can certainly fight through these known video calling apps. What do you say?

This is a guest post by Swati from Bloomtimes.com

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