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10 Incredibly Great Home Remodeling Tips And Ideas To Share With Your Friends

10 Amazingly Great Home Remodeling Tips and Ideas

This is a guest post by Kalif Abraham who is freelance writer and real estate agent in one of the top real estate companies in the Philippines.

There are times when we get bored of the things we see at home that we start thinking of ideas on how to make it look better – fresher. Brainstorming with friends can help you gather awesome ideas to redecorate your place, making it look more appealing and fit for your personality. Today, we have listed 10 incredibly great home remodeling tips and ideas for your condo BGC that you may wish to share with your friends. Let’s take a quick look.

10 Incredibly Great Home Remodeling Tips And Ideas To Share With Your Friends

#1 Creating a reading nook beneath the staircase

For bibliophiles, nothing beats a unique and comfortable space to stash some of your best reading collection. Rather than look for a vacant space in your home, why not try utilizing that vacant one beneath your staircase. Remodel by adding a wooden support system below each step to hold the books. Aside from it saves you space, it’s also great for aesthetics.

#2 Transforming your attic to a personal relaxation space

Who says attics are just for storage? We’ve seen how this part of the house is usually depicted in movies as something old and untidy, a potential space for horror. This doesn’t have to be the case in your place. Rather than allowing cobwebs and spiders to accumulate the space, it’s better to maximize its usage by making it an entirely different room.

Fill it out with pillows, add a small desk, portrait, drapes or any other accessories you wish to find in there every time you visit.

#3 Building a plain platform atop your storage area for dual purpose

Tap more into your creativity and maximize the usage of your storage rooms. Place items in boxes and cover them with wooden platform which can be opened with a simply pull. The appearance of the covers should resemble an empty wooden space where you can sit, even lie down when relaxing. Aside from keeping all the unused items safely, it also gives you more options where to rest.

#4 Closet-door makeover!

Need more closet space? It does not have to be inside your bedroom! Explore the spaces you have in your house. Build a closet on vacant spaces and cover it with a door-like room, making it appear more like a natural one beside your casual living room design.

#5 Pet nook below the staircase

If it’s not books, then go for a different approach and see if you’re interested to create a personal nook for your beloved animals. The space beneath your stairs can be transformed into something of a pet house. You can personalize it however you want considering the comfort of the domestic animal you want.

It’s a great idea especially if you are raising an indoor type that spends majority of its time staying inside your home.

#6 Laundry area behind dark, rustic doors

Some people don’t like to show their laundry area in the open. It’s kind of a private place that should only be accessed by those who are in-charge of doing the laundry. You can now hide this place by situating it behind closed, rustic doors. It will create an illusion that the back of the door is a storage area rather than your laundry place.

#7 Swing porch daybed

If it’s about redecorating your home exterior, then putting out something beautiful and practical on your porch is a good thing. Swing porch daybed is an excellent accessory for this purpose. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, it also serves as a great space for relaxation. You can use the space to read or perhaps take a nap.

#8 Under the bed storage

More than that of being a place where you can lie down, your bed can serve with a dual purpose – that of being a storage cabinet as well. It takes a little bit of tweaking primarily in transforming the wooden support to a pull-over cabinet where you can place folded clothing and even boxed accessories. This gives you an advantage of being able to easily grab vital personal items while on bed.

#9 Build a coffee station!

Anyone who loves coffee out there? Then this upgrade is a real sweetheart! It doesn’t have to be really huge. Just select a space where you can put out your coffee maker, bottles of coffee bean variety and perhaps your most priced coffee mugs. There are no specific rules on how you should design your own station. You can personalize it however you want.

#10 Floating shelves for your living room displays

Lastly, try out those practical floating shelves. It’s your best alternative if you are looking for a good way to reduce space while at keeping all your favorite displays available in the open. There is a lot of variety on this one such as the popular horizontal and vertical styles up to those circular ones. You decide.

Summing It Up

Get the best comfort you deserve by making sure you love your home. Remodel it to achieve more convenience or replace few items to enhance your area’s overall aesthetics. Be creative!

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Kalif Abraham is freelance writer and real estate agent one of the top real estate company in the Philippines. He is trying to raise his profile in the industry.