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10 Best and Beautiful Hidden Beauty Spots in London

Best Hidden Beauty Spots In London

There’s a salon for just about everything in London. From luxury spas at the top of the Shard all the way to underground swimming pools in Mayfair. And while there are hundreds of ways to beautify yourself around town, there are a few special places that do things slightly differently when it comes to having your hair looking perfect, getting your nails done or going for a spa treatment that is a little out of the ordinary (with some involving bags of rice!).

Here’s a look at 10 hidden beauty spots in London that you may not know about!

10 Best and Beautiful Hidden Beauty Spots in London

Spot No.1: Reviv
Location: Knightsbridge

Originally started in Las Vegas as a new way to cure yourself after feeling worse for wear on a big night out, Reviv is a dedicated IV treatment facility that looks and acts just like a normal spa. Only instead of offering massages and facials, they hook customers up to an IV that delivers a combination of electrolytes, minerals and antioxidants that makers claim will help with everything from sunburns to skin tone to making you feel a bit better when you have a cold.

All you need to do is show up, sit down, let someone stick a needle in your arm and then wait for the bag to empty. With the average treatment price at £199 or £39 for a quick booster shot, it’s certainly a different approach to making yourself feel better.

Spot No.2: Bleach
Location: Dalston

When you only have two salons, one in London and the other in NYC, you’re pretty much up there as being one of the most exclusive spots in town. And while their range of hair dyes and products can be seen on shelves across the country, you’d have a hard time finding their original salon.

While they have a pop-up salon hidden away in Topshop on Oxford St, their main base is on a rather quiet road in Dalston in a rather unassuming position between a kebab shop and a post office. For being renowned as the makers of trendy hair colours, their salon is quite the diamond in the rough.

Spot No.3: The Pet Spa
Location: Chelsea

It shouldn’t just be us humans who getting a little TLC every now and then. If you’re a real pet lover and want to treat your cat or dog with a pet pedicure or blueberry & vanilla facial, the aptly named The Pet Spa will get tails wagging.

This one of a kind spa has treatments, grooming and even personal fitness training sessions for pets. If you want your dog to have its own stylist, this is the place to go.

Spot No.4: The Powderpuff girls
Location: Anywhere

Not every hair salon will offer a bog standard blow dry and at The Powderpuff girls they offer vintage inspired hair and make-up for every occasion. Going since 2005, they can give any girl that glamorous 50s pin-up looks for a night out or a 70s inspired pixie look for a wedding.

They’re quite exclusive in large part to the fact that they don’t advertise their location, making them a real hidden gem in the city.

Spot No.5: Aveda Institute
Location: Covent Garden

Located just across the road from the historic Shaftesbury theatre is a rather unassuming looking office building that looks just like hundreds of other buildings in the city. Hidden inside though is one of the most innovative hairdressers in London : the Aveda Institute, renowned for its express lunchtime treatments (they promise they can tint eyebrows in under 15 minutes).

And tucked away in the corner of one of the city’s only dedicated Men’s grooming salons. The Aveda Men Grooming Destination offers facials, manicures and detoxifying scalp cleanse for gents, so it isn’t just the ladies who can treat themselves.

Spot No.6: Shakti Veda
Location: Abbey Road

One of the weirder treatments you’ll find in London involves taking bags of rice (the exact same kind you’d boil for your dinner) tying a handful up in a bag and applying it on someone’s back to relieve pain. It is called Pinda Sveda and can be tried out at the Shakti Veda, just a few doors down from the world famous recording studio.

According to those in the know, the treatment uses hot rice to help improve blood flow on the problem areas and in turn relieve stress on muscles and stiff joints; although I don’t know if putting a bag of boil in the bag rice on your rice would be just as effective.

Spot no 7: Sunborn Hotel
Location: The River Thames

So there are some locations to go and get a massage in London that are a little out there, but I don’t think any of them can beat the chance to have one on a luxury yacht. The Sunborn London is a yacht hotel (yes an actual yacht) which is docked on the River Thames just by the ExCel conference centre.

While the yacht doesn’t actually move around, it does have luxury hotel suites on deck and therapy rooms that have to be reserved a week in advance to get access to.

Spot No.8: U R Cheeky
Location: Holborn

Getting your nails done, deciding on which of the 30 colours on offer to choose from and sipping on prosecco sound like a fun way to spend an hour? Then you’ll want to visit U R Cheeky in Holborn.

The slightly quieter and lesser known of the two branches (the first one being in the trendy Shoreditch area), U R Cheeky offers manicures, pedicures and makeup consultations all for under £30, which is quite a good deal considering it is London after all. With their products now being sold online at the likes of ASOS and Urban Outfitters, they’re quickly becoming quite a trendy brand.

Spot No.9: Sound Awakening
Location: Dalston

London is quite a loud place to be with traffic, the tube, buses and building work all making one big noise for the daily commute. When it gets to be too much you can try one of the most out there therapies I’ve ever heard out at Sound Awakening.

They offer sound baths; that’s a literal bath of sound. You sit in a room and a therapist will walk around playing different instruments including a gong, chimes, Tibetan singing bowl and tuning forks. Aromatherapy oil is sprayed in the air to allow you to essentially drift off while you’re still awake.

Some people say that a 40-minute session is equivalent to sleeping for 3 hours, but I don’t know if I could sleep with someone walking around and banging a drum.

Spot No.10: Secret Spa
Location: Your Phone

What’s more secret than a spa that comes to you? A true hidden gem when we’re talking about beauty spots in London, Secret Spa is a spa that exists on your phone.

You use the app to pick and choose what type of spa treatments you want and then pick a location and time, and then a little while later a therapist will show up to your door just like getting a pizza delivered (if someone figured out how to do both, they’d be on to a winner).

Summing It Up

There’s a spa for just about everyone in London if you look high and low enough. Next time you’re thinking of giving yourself some much-needed pampering, who knows what you’ll find hidden about London.

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