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6 Foods You Must Eat When You Are Drunk And Hungry

After partying for long, it’s proved to have an immense craving for salty and greasy foods like mozzarella loaded pizza, spicy potato chips or french fries. The more you drink, the more you get hungry. And these foods take extra long to digest and enhance the effects of  hangover. So to take care of your health and to satisfy your cravings I have dished up 6 foods you must eat when you are drunk and hungry.

6 Foods You Must Eat When You Are Drunk And Hungry

1. Whole Grain Items

Food to eat when you are drunk-Whole Grain Items

Several whole grain items are available ranging from whole wheat toast to whole grain waffles. Whole grain items can be an excellent fit when you are highly drunk. Loaded with loads of complex carbohydrates help to absorb the booze and also is a great source of vitamin B, as it gets depleted when you drink and can worsen hangover.

Avoid dipping you crackers or waffles in butter or cream, as it contains high amount of fat. Instead pour on some delicious honey. That will be tastier and healthier.

2. Bananas

Food to eat when you are drunk-Banana

Peel some bananas for yourself. Why?  Bananas are heavily stuffed with potassium.

And potassium is an entity gets depleted in your body when you are drunk. And if you don’t like bananas, no issues, just cut a banana into pieces and sprinkle it over a low- calorie vanilla pudding.

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 3. Egg

Food to eat when you are drunk-Egg

After partying hard all the night, now its morning, the breakfast time. Break few eggs and make a veggie omelette or scrambled eggs.

Eggs are loaded with cysteine and amino acid. Cysteine – minimizes headaches and amino acid – heals your liver and oozes out toxins from your body. Thus if you are a regular drinker eggs are the best thing for breakfast.

 4. Popcorn

Food to eat when you are drunk-Popcorn

Imagine a night with your pack of friends, all drunken and hungry at your home. Definitely you cannot order food from the nearby restaurant nor you are in a condition to cook anything. So now only popcorn can come to your rescue.

I am not talking about that greasy one. Microwave your popcorn. Air-popped popcorns are the most ideal ones. You can make and have it in large quantities, as it has low calorie content and full of fibres. Comparatively these are much better than potato chips and other alike stuffs.

5. Noodles

Food to eat when you are drunk-Noodels

As you are completely drunk, you can hardly sense anything kept in the kitchen. Don’t try to be a chef, simply grab a packet of instant noodles and boil it. It will hardly take 3-4 minutes. And after that you can enjoy this nice hot soft soupy noodles.

You can go for rice or wheat noodles as they are healthier and at the same time easier to digest. And if you can splash some vegetables on it, then it’s great.

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6. Pizza

Food to eat when you are drunk-Pizza

Fine, if you don’t want to cook anything! At least one thing you can do is keep some frozen pizza in your pantry and so than you can have one instantly when you reach home. Who has the time to wait for 30-40 minutes for the pizza delivery boy, when one is starving.

Better opt for a veggie pizza. May wipe out the extra cheese with a clean napkin, as so much of greasy things not only affects your digestive systems but also may make you feel worse.

Summing It Up

Remember not to have any food items in massive quantities. As, soon you will lie down, that can lead to an episode of indigestion or a terrible hangover. Drink water, or any diluted fruit juice to keep your body filled with essential entities like sodium and potassium, and also necessary fluids. And Yes! drop all your coffee plans or any such caffeinated items. It can delay your recovery. So, party hard and stay healthy!

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