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7 Fashion Mistakes Committed By Men

Fashion mistakes made by men

Why is it that people believe that when it comes to fashion, it is men who commit severe mistakes? Probably because women take extreme steps that make sure that wherever they invest their money, something functional is bought. However, men already have so much to do that shopping men’s clothing is not what they are able to focus on. Hence, mistakes happen!! Making mistakes is always considered a successful step in doing something good but when it involves buying luxury clothing articles or accessories like Gucci bags, Burberry shirts or even Gucci belts.

Just in order to make things right and avoid the mistakes to best of your ability, this blog would lay down the mistakes that men commit and how can we rectify them.

7 Fashion Mistakes Committed By Men

1. Choosing the wrong store

Once you’re all set with your mind made up for shopping, what you tend to do is either rush to the showrooms or pick the store that comes across and feature good products. However, the logic would call for comparing a variety of online stores that cater to your need and wants. Check the brands available, how many products does the store have, what is the delivery process and does the same provide discounts on the luxury names. Once you’re done with the verification, you can go on and start shopping from the same.

2. Picking the wrong size

The next in queue is the picking the wrong size for yourself. Won’t it hurt too hard when you buy a Ralph Lauren Polo shirt and it doesn’t fit you? Whether tight or loose, any of the fit is not good for your reputation. You must know that whenever it comes to clothing articles if it doesn’t fit you well, it is of no use. As a solution, you must always take a look at the product size and the size chart provided next to the product to make it doubly sure whether it is going fit you well or not.

3. Shirts with creases

Another big problem with bachelors or men in specific is that they’ll hardly care about what they’re wearing. Whether the shirt has been ironed properly or not, as well as it has creases or not, they overlook the issue. Do you like creases? When you cannot stand someone else with creases, how would you yourself sport it? Do not don wrinkled shirts or even other clothing articles in public. This would bring down your reputation.

4. Clothes that are not meant for you

Have you ever bought clothes that you saw on the mannequins in the store or model sporting them on hoardings? Well, everyone does it! However, the mistake that men make here is that they choose even those styles that are not meant for their physique. You might not look like the model in the image or do not have a chiseled body like he has. You must make sure that you do not opt for anything that is not intended for you.

5. Over matching

If you see others, you’ll find that there are men who’ve undressed whereas; there are those who probably wear everything that they think match their outfit. With a thin line between matching accessories with the outfits and overmatching them, it gets very difficult for men to come in the first category. What you can do in this situation is to keep things minimal. You just have to match your shoes with the belt, trouser with the socks and see that the shirt/t-shirt doesn’t look too off. Once done, you’ll be a fashionable man who knows how to carry a pleasing personality.

6. Under-dressing

Just like we mentioned that undressing is not a mistake, but the fear of overdoing fashion. While the above one talked about having probably everything that one thinks ‘matches’ on the body, this one deteriorates or hampers the personality because you don’t do anything. Wearing the outfit and not accessorizing it would be equally wrong as it would be to wear the right set of accessories with the wrong outfit. You can choose the right wristwatch or a right colored pocket square and you’re good to go.

7. Incorrect accessories

Talking about accessories, they definitely are a must for your personality. Just like layering the bread of the cake is an easy task but the icing is the task that takes a lot of time, outfits are easy but what takes a deal is how you complement it with the accessories.

Summing It Up

With these mistakes, you’ll be able to look for options that make you look appealing rather than bring down your reputation for the same. Hope you have a pleasing personality. Do let us know which one were you missing out on in the comments below

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