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6 Not-So-Grumpy Facts about Grumpy Cat, a.k.a ‘Bakchod Billi’

6 Amazing Facts About Grumpy Cat

If you are familiar at all with internet memes, you must be knowing about the famous Grumpy Cat. This cat rose to fame in 2013, after Grumpy Cat’s owner posted a picture of that famous downturned face on the online community of Reddit. The photo blew up and someone quickly turned it into a meme, which then found itself on websites like 4chan, Imgur, and 9Gag. For those of you who don’t know, the posts of the Grumpy Cat meme usually all have a pessimistic or annoyed statement, to accompany the cat’s mean mug. As if Grumpy Cat wasn’t funny enough in itself, some creative Indians decided to adopt and rename it ‘Bakchod Billi’. The essence of the idea was the same, but like its name, Bakchod Billi was more critical than annoyed. So, if you love the meme as much as we do, read on to find out some more interesting things you may not have known before!

6 Not-So-Grumpy Facts about Grumpy Cat, a.k.a ‘Bakchod Billi’

1. Grumpy Cat’s real name is Tardar Sauce: This unique and unusual moniker was given to Grumpy Cat by one of her owners. And yes, Grumpy Cat is A HER! Apparently, her daughter Crystal was the one who came up with the name as she thought Tardar Sauce was the same color as the little kitten when Grumpy was born. However, her owners said in an interview that she also responds to the name Grumpy!

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2. There was a Grumpy Cat Art Project in Alabama in 2013. At the height of her fame, Tardar Sauce would also inspire artists in residence from the Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment Centre to create pieces based around Grumpy. This massive art installation had residents from Huntsville, Alabama showcasing their works of art, all centred around Grumpy. There were a variety of art forms to be seen – everything from models and sculptures to stained glass pieces. Some lucky folks also got to take their favorite pieces home, since the art pieces were also auctioned off towards the end of the exhibit.

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3. Grumpy Cat has a brother called Pokey. While he doesn’t sport the same formidable frown as her, they are both still alike in size and personality. Pokey and Grumpy both resemble showshoe cats, and photos of them playing around can be found on Grumpy’s website. Pokey also stars with her in Dynamite Comics’ series, “The Misadventures of Grumpy Cat and Pokey!” The three-issue series just had its third instalment released this year, and it seems to be quite a hit.

4. Tardar Sauce is a ‘spokescat’ for Friskies. In September 2013, cat food brand Friskies declared Tardar Sauce as its official representative. They later released a series of videos on their YouTube channel titled “Will Kitty Play With It?” The series had Grumpy interacting with different objects and seeing whether or not she would play with them. The videos were a massive success and together garnered millions of views. The brand also gave her a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Friskies Cat Video Contest Awards, and this was all before she was even 2 years old!

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5. Grumpy Cat has a best-selling book. It is titled Grumpy Cat: A Grumpy Book. The book successfully made it onto the New York Times Best-Selling list. It is a coffee-table read and contains a variety of material, like tips on being grumpy, along with fun games and activities to inspire the reader to be grumpy. She may not have authored it, but at least she inspired it!

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6. Grumpy Cat’s owner used to be a struggling waitress. That all changed after the phenomenon of Grumpy Cat took on, but her owner Tabatha has still seen some hard days in the past. Among all the endorsements, website, book and entertainment deals, she is now estimated to have amassed around $100 million since 2013 and travels the world with Tardar Sauce. What a lucky cat, indeed!

Now when you are done acquainting yourself about some of the most amazing facts about the ‘Grumpy Cat,’ here are a few videos, of the same.

The first video is a reporter interviewing ‘Grumpy Cat’ from Australia. Look yourself the amazing answers given by the ‘Grumpy Cat’ for the reporter’s question

Another amazing video by BuzzFeedVideo, where you can see the ‘Grumpy Cat’ in a superstore

Summing It Up

Amazing Facts About Grumpy Cat-End

Grumpy is formidable in everything but her personality. Her signature frown has brought us, fellow grumps, together and made us laugh. After reading these fun facts, we hope that we have made Grumpy Cat a little bit more loveable for you!

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