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15 Extremely Useful Apps For Every College-Going Student

15 Extremely Useful Apps For Every College-Going Student

College? Yes, it does excites every new guy getting admission to college. Going off to college for the first time is pleasurable anticipation, but it can also be the nerve-wracking one. There are certain things to do, it can be books to buy, exams to prepare for, friends to make and the list goes on. But ever thought that the life of college students living at home is a bit diverse than those of college freshman living in all new place with new fellows inside a four-walled room. Amazingly as the technology bloomed, the contemporary life smoothens. So even you can make this transition a lot smoother with some useful and handy apps.

From those of connecting your loved ones to storing large notes of college work or remembering to-do-list to learning some new skills. Below apps will help you employ your free time in much productive form and also help you save some counts.

15 Extremely Useful Apps For Every College-Going Student

1. Udemy

Extremely Useful Apps For Every College-Going Student-Udemy

This app comes with numerous online courses. It has a bulk of tutorials which can help you learn new courses. In college more often, apart from academics learning, you may have to learn some extra course in various areas to sharpen your skills. So this is the perfect destination, courses like Web Development, HTML, CSS3, Jquery, Javascript, etc.

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2. CamScanner

Extremely Useful Apps For Every College-Going Student-CamScanner

It is a handy and highly productive app that is very useful for any college graduate. Using this you can scan various documents (lectures note, study materials, registration form) and can save it for later use in the form of pdf file. It is even built in functionality of sharing and fax option.

3. Evernote

Extremely Useful Apps For Every College-Going Student-Evernote

This app is pretty much capable of making notes. It is fully featured the app that helps you create notes in an organized way. Even it has impressive feature for those group projects. It allows audio recording, so you can even record the lectures and embed images too whenever needed.

4. Meriam-Webster Dictionary

Extremely Useful Apps For Every College-Going Student-Meriam-Webster Dictionary

Who doesn’t need to look for words, you find difficult to remember. Meriam-Webster comes preloaded with millions of words. Either searching for any desired or improving your vocabulary this android package will help you strengthening your vocabulary power.

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5. ShareIt

Extremely Useful Apps For Every College-Going Student-ShareIt

During the college times, you might often catch yourself trouble in transferring large data in less duration. However, shareIt can help you transfer any type file with lightening speed.

6. Skype

Extremely Useful Apps For Every College-Going Student-Skype

You might be thinking that skype is used for communication purpose. Still due to its features, it can help you sharing files, videos, video chat. Moreover, it always keeps you connected with your loved ones, so that you can never be away from your family and friends. In addition, when you are late and studying at the last minute and need some help from your classmate, then probably skype can be your saving grace.

7. Google Drive

Extremely Useful Apps For Every College-Going Student-Google Drive

If you creating spreadsheets, building the presentation or draw diagrams you can use this app and store all your files at one place, cloud storage which is accessible from the internet either from the computer connected to the internet or mobile device. Google Drive provides sufficient space for the user so that they can keep their files stored even when they have less physical storage memory.

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8. Itunes U

Extremely Useful Apps For Every College-Going Student- Itunes U

If you are apple device user then you will be happy to know that you can have access to Itunes U, Which provides access to various courses from the leading universities at no cost. It can be your dream college too like MIT, Oxford, Cambridge, etc. This is the opportunity to learn different courses from your own place.

9. Duolingo

Extremely Useful Apps For Every College-Going Student- Duolingo

If you are interested in learning foreign languages then probably this is the best available app on the play store, it has very clean and intuitive UI and captivating stuff which will strengthen your foreign language vocabulary as well as proficiency in speaking . You should own it now, sooner or later, it’s better now.

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10. Snap2PDF

Extremely Useful Apps For Every College-Going Student-Snap2PDF

What could be much better than converting the file into pdf in just a single click? It is a very useful app for the students, just take a picture you need to make it to pdf and it will generate a pdf version of the jpg file.

11. RealCalc Plus

Extremely Useful Apps For Every College-Going Student-RealCalc Plus

This app is very efficient calculator tool. It is very effective and have all abilities which can get you through all math classes. Though its interface doesn’t gives a smoother and clean UI but once you will learn using it, then it will very efficient.

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12. Todoist

Extremely Useful Apps For Every College-Going Student-Todoist

Todoist it very simple and handy in terms of usage. Due to its impressive features, it helps you stay organized. This is great app keeping track of your assignment in order and adjust task so that you can know exactly what it’s for. It is the day based interface so that you can wake up, check or even let it remind what you have to do today.

13. Youtube

Extremely Useful Apps For Every College-Going Student-Youtube

You all heard of youtube and use it almost every day but it’s true that predominantly youtube is used for watching videos, reviews or listening music. However underneath it has millions of videos which can help you learn new things, how to create anything from scratch or how to solve numerous problems.

14. Wikipedia

Extremely Useful Apps For Every College-Going Student-Wikipedia

Mostly, people, do Wiki search for useful and much-needed information, thanks to its enormous and crowd database. It is an invaluable tool which can help students get every possible information. It will even help in giving the idea from where to go for further information.

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15. Flipboard

Extremely Useful Apps For Every College-Going Student-Flipboard

It is personalized miniature magazine. It takes stories from all over the internet and reformats into pages, you can easily flip up and down. It is very handy and allows the user to create their own magazine.

Summing It Up

In the end before finishing my write-up, I hope you have already installed apps. As you all know college life is probably the part of life, No doubt. You make it even more productive because certainly you building your future and this app can surely help you go through it. Stay tuned to GyanAddict for upcoming posts.

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