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10 Exclusive Bali Restaurants That Re-define Dining Experience

Picking the best restaurants in Bali from the land of world-class dining venues is a hurdle, we understand! The restaurants offer a vast range of cuisine in titles of region and elegance and often feature unique themes with impressive views and exquisite interiors.

Over the years, Bali has evolved with each surge of tourists pouring into the destination every year,  so whether you are seeking for an excellent dining venue for a romantic evening as a couple or looking to party in a friendly court with friends and family, then Bali is the destination which you are seeking for.

Dining in Bali was never a monotonous affair. From roadside nasi jinggo to luxurious Seminyak eateries, The place is notably spoilt with lots of options when it comes to dining venues . However, it’s not only the variety of delicacies that Bali grants.  But sometimes it takes a lot than just a regular roadside restaurants to fulfill your vacation. Explore these 10 exclusive Bali restaurants if you want to spice up your holiday for an extraordinary dining or drinking adventure.

10 Exclusive Bali Restaurants That Re-define Dining Experience

1) Party with a Mexican theme at Motel Mexicola

Best Bali Restaurants-Motel Mexicola

Motel Mexicola is a bright and quirky Mexican bar and restaurant at Jalan Kayujati. It’s just a few minutes walk from Petitenget temple and La Lucciola. Longing for Mexican food? Then rush to Motel Mexicola to fancy a unique dining experience. The first things to grasp your eye at Motel Mexicola are crisscrosses of bright yellow, red, green and blue flags scattered  across the street in front of the restaurant.

An arched door welcomes guests while rich yellow and orange tables provide a spectacular dining experience. The establishment also boasts a bar near the main dining area. Apart from the fabulous tasting – not to mention sensibly priced – snacks and mains, the Motel Mexicola draws together all the ingredients of a classical Mexican hotel.

2) Dance with the Dead at Frankensteins Laboratory

Best Bali Restaurants-Frankensteins Laboratory

The ‘most freakish’ bars in Bali is Frankenstein’s Laboratory, inspired from the 1818 horror novel written by Mary Shelley. Located on Jalan Camplung Tanduk this one of a kind restaurant greets you to a modern era of entertainment,  It is where you learn to experience Halloween all day of the year and not only in the month of October. Zombies,  monsters, mummies, vampires, and humans, all blend mutually in this ghostly themed venue for fun and excitement. Nightly thriller themed restaurant, grisly cocktails,  food ideal for a monster’s feast and nightclub all blend into one fine tuned mad scientist’s laboratory.

3) Taste the Treasures at Pirate Bay

Best Bali Restaurants-Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is a pirate themed open-air cafe and restaurant on the Nusa Dua peninsula, containing the replica of a pirate ship on the white sandy beach, with numerous tree houses, a bay tower, a pirate’s kitchen and an impressive multitude of treasure hunting ventures in which you can indulge as a family.  

The white sandy coast of the northeastern peninsula is artistically set up with board tree houses that make use of the actual beach trees, enabling you to climb up the bamboo decks and bask in the gentle sea breeze.  

Scattered around the grounds are numerous setups such as thatch-roofed beach huts,  tents, bonfires, and picket fences relating to Jack Sparrow, Robinson Crusoe, and much more. The menu in the restaurant is a blend of Asian, European and Indonesian favorites at a reasonable cost.

4) Dine Under the Stars at Gardin Bistro and Patisserie

Best Bali Restaurants-Gardin Bistro and Patisserie

How would you prefer to savor your yummy cakes and sugary treats in the midst of a glass house enclosed by lush greenery?  Welcome to Gardin Bistro and Patisserie, a homie, themed eatery that endeavors a mouth-watering variety of cakes and desserts as well as lip-smacking sandwiches, salads!

As those who are desiring for appetizing mains, the bistro also offers exquisite Asian and European favorites. This Bali themed hangout is unquestionably one of its kind in Bali. The walls are constructed of glass to exhibit the sultry tropical fields beyond.

The interiors boast decorative cafe tables and cushy sofa! And when the sun fades, the complete gallery lightens up, setting the spirit for a comforting and romantic ecstasy under the sparkling stars.

5) Gypsy Chichi Tapas Restaurant and Bar – La Laguna

Best Bali Restaurants-Gypsy Chichi Tapas Restaurant and Bar

La Laguna Bali in Canggu is a tapas bar and restaurant on the isolated, northern tip of Seminyak, which invites a calm surge of patrons, especially during the sunset, to its profoundly embellished gardens and a 30m log bridge atop a lagoon that drives to the dark sands joining Batubelig and Berawa.

This hippie hangout is amidst the few in Bali that exhibits a gypsy and boho-chic characteristics, with verdant spaces and old fashioned paths fringed with quirky supporting rims and distinguishing shades and themes.

Cushioned metal seats and bright coloured furniture offering a good blend of tapas and light bites that all go fine with its combination of cocktails to supplement the sunsets.

6) Dine all day on Seminyak Beach at Plancha Bali

Best Bali Restaurants-Plancha Bali

La Plancha, a flourishing cafe on at Seminyak’s southern edge, taunts your tastes with dashes of colors throughout its two-level building and with a menu of appetizing grills and Spanish cookery. With extensive and colorful umbrellas on its shore, it pleases most during sunset when you can settle into beanbags around tiny tables put out on the sand. Living up to its style, La Plancha means actually the grill, offering a mixture of Spanish and barbecued delicacies.

Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this restaurant in Bali is a welcoming halt for a daylight beach strolls, a day down in the waves or for fun twilight parties. A regular program manifests varied gigs and live DJs.

When the sky eclipses, lightings engulfs the beachside whereas jockeys ram in their turntables, twirling exciting beats varying from soul to reggae and chill-out.

7)  Wash Out your Hangover at Sea Circus

Best Bali Restaurants-Sea Circus

A pretty cool spot with charm and fun. Sea Circus is not an actual circus but its is a restaurant located in Seminyak. This establishment is tough to avoid with its facade that draws together a vivid circus-themed painting and a wall of stained glass.  Embracing a chic beach shack design, the lobby is splattered with throbbing colors on the  walls, with plenty of glass to engulf the hall with natural daylight.

The small space offers a front segment with seating at two large high benches that face the road through the stained glass; the central cafe which seats around 30; and a bright blue colored bar and serving table that cloaks around from the doorway. They do fresh salads, steak baguettes, fish, ceviche, chips and light tortilla wraps… and the world’s one and only hangover  meal.

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8) Dine amidst the Paddy fields at Nook

Best Bali Restaurants-Nook

Perched next to one of Seminyak’s bustling areas, Nook is an exit terminal into the emerald and stunning charm of Bali. With a 360-degree picturesque view of verdant rice fields. It serves Balinese, Indonesian, and Western soaked cuisine at a reasonable cost. This small restaurant at the edge of the rice paddy sided Jalan Umalas has blossomed into one of the popular lunch spots.

It’s hard deck laid out with pale tables and chairs under a simplistic roof won’t win hearts for its style, but that won’t hinder the constant flow of locals or tourists from experiencing the delicious offerings like Mie Goreng, Soto Ayam, suckling pig, nasi goreng, and its widespread western varieties with smoothie fruit and bagels.

9)Stop for a beer break at Man Shed

Best Bali Restaurants-Man Shed

It’s not just any vintage automobile themed restaurant at all! The Man Shed inaugurated in January 2014 and ever since, visitors have been drawn to its collection of vintage motorbikes, number plates, and car frames. The sharp design has shifted out tables created from repurposed Vespas and over-bar lamps produced from shed motorbike helmets. Visitors enjoy the chilled beers and Nasi Goreng, as well as several other meals including steaks and burgers.

With its concrete floors, opened ceiling and unrelenting lighting, it is unquestionably more suited to the male traveler who would relish the informal ambiance and regards to detail. Vehicle enthusiasts continue returning because the collection increases all the time. The food itself is a blend of typical Indonesian and Western menu and reviews are diverse in terms of character, despite visitors admit that it is an awe-inspiring place to savor an ice-cold beer.  

10) Dine with the Beasts at Tsavo Lion Restaurant

Best Bali Restaurants-Tsavo Lion Restaurant

If you like fine dining in the presence of the jungle king, then you must not avoid the Tsavo Lion Restaurant at the Mara River Safari Lodge, which is a shelter for various different safari animals such as the rhino, zebra and much more. There is only a hard glass panel dividing you and the mighty predators while you taste the wide variety of  international cuisine, from  Asian to African to South American.

The first African-themed restaurant in Asia, which permits you to have a friendly encounter with real wild animals. This fine dining restaurant placed side by side with lion’s exhibition space. Hence, you will observe a pride of lions sporting with each other, while you relishing the most delicious set of menu.

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