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7 Incredibly Effective Dusting Tips To Clean The Furniture

Effective Dusting Tips To Clean The Furniture

It is easy to bring in new look to your existing décor by using different pieces of furniture and furnishing. You may love to play with colors and designs to make your home look unique and inviting, but what if you cannot maintain it! There are many people who may have invested a lot in designing their new homes but may feel bored and dissatisfied soon as the new furniture loses its luster. Some complex designs incorporated in furniture are even more difficult to clean. You can use good quality vacuum cleaner to do the job. However, right tricks and tips need to be applied to keep the furniture spick and span.

7 Incredibly Effective Dusting Tips To Clean The Furniture 

#1 Keep all the tools handy when using vacuum cleaner

Machines work only when they are used with the right tools. Your vacuum cleaner may have come with different tools to carry out various functions but sometimes due to time constraints or laziness, you would avoid using all these tools for cleaning. If you want proper cleaning of furniture then you may keep all these tools handy. Once you are ready with your tools, you may follow the process as given below.

#2 Dust it out

Before cleaning the stains, it is necessary that you clean the dust. Dry dust is easy to remove with suction function or by using the blower. Dust particles tend to settle in the cracks and corners more. Your vacuum cleaner comes with different types of pipes and brushes that may reach out to the toughest corners to remove all dust. Even when there are tough stains present on furniture, make sure that you clean the dry dust first and then apply any cleaning solution.

#3 Remove spider webs if any

Spider webs form when the area remains untouched for longer period. The webs will be removed at the time of dusting, however closely check the furniture corners and the areas where it may come in contact with wall to see if there are any spider webs located there. If you find any then either remove them with vacuum or by attaching a sock to the mop pole. You will have to flip the sock and use the band to fix it there. This will work as the extension of your own hand!

#4 Brush up the upholstery

The furniture with upholstered surface may require brushing before vacuuming. Good quality upholstery would have high density microfiber that would not allow dust to penetrate the surface easily. Hence, if you regularly brush and vacuum the upholstered surface, then the surface would remain stain free and dust free. If you are cleaning the sofa, make sure that you brush all crevices where the arm meets the seat and back.

#5 Use the cleaning solution according to the instruction

Most of the good quality furniture may have cleaning instruction mentioned on the tag. All you need to do is note it somewhere or preserve the tag for future reference. The cleaning instructions may mention anything from water-based solvent to professional cleaning. You will have to follow these cleaning instructions properly to make your furniture last longer. Water based cleaning solution can be easily prepared at home by mixing dish wash liquid with water.

#6 Test before you use the solution for cleaning

Even the mild solution may result into big damages for certain surfaces. It is therefore very important to test the cleaning solution on the area that is not visible. This will prove whether the solution is appropriate for the entire surface cleaning or not! Don’t skip this step even when you have applied the same solution earlier as some change in chemical properties of the product would lead to a big disaster for your furniture.

#7 Apply polish wherever needed

Different furniture surfaces will require different finishing products for polishing or up keeping the luster and sheen. You may apply wax polish or rub the oil on wooden surfaces to make them shine. While dealing with fabrics, you may use some fabric conditioners and good ironing to make the fabric shine like new. Don’t overdo anything while dealing with delicate surfaces. Even too much of heat or glaze may negatively affect the surface. Plastic furniture is very easy to upkeep so visit https://www.recycledplasticbuildingmaterials.co.uk/ to see what recycled plastic furniture you could buy!

Suming It Up

Furniture speaks a lot about the décor. You won’t be changing it again and again but above steps would help in keeping it sparkling new forever.

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