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10 Amazing and Incredibly Easy Ways To Style Your Porch

10 Amazing and Incredibly Easy Ways To Style Your Porch

This is a guest post by Hannah Stevens who is the content and social media manager for Meadow Hill Conservatories.

The way you decorate your home is an expression of your personality and style; and when someone enters your home they should be able to get a feel for what kind of people live in the household, i.e. what their interests and hobbies are. Many homeowners spend a lot of time and money making sure the interior of their home is a true reflection of their style and way of living, but often the exterior of the property can be somewhat forgotten about.

Your front porch is one of the first things that guests and visitors to your home will notice, so it makes sense to style it well in order to create a good first impression. Whether you have an enclosed porch, or an open one, here are a a few amazing and incredibly easy ways to style your porch. 

10 Amazing and Incredibly Easy Ways To Style Your Porch

If you have an enclosed porch:

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1. Flowers

Use the windowsills in your enclosed porch to display fresh flowers in a vase; this adds a splash of colour and interest to the front of your house. The floral fragrance will ensure that your porch smells lovely and welcoming to any guests, and will also serve to brighten up your morning as you leave for your commute, and welcome you back home after a long day. Replace the flowers with different ones every few weeks for an ever-changing array of colours and fragrances.

2. Wreath

Hang a seasonally-appropriate wreath from your porch door, or within your porch, to add a touch of colour without much effort. If you are feeling particularly crafty you could make your own, if not you can pick wreaths up fairly cheaply from home ware stores. In autumn opt for wreaths made form pinecones and orange/brown leaves etc; in winter you can go festive and hang a Christmas wreath. During the spring and summer opt for something bright and colourful.

3. Lighting

Having some sort of lighting in your enclosed porch can help it to feel more welcoming for guests, and can also help you to find your keys more easily on a dark evening! A sensor-operated wall lamp is ideal as it will only turn on when it is approached, thus saving energy. Another option is to use a string of battery-operated LED lights to add soft lighting and a shabby chic effect to your front entrance.

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4. Storage

If your enclosed porch is big enough, it’s a good idea to use it for storage of shoes and coats. A compact and stylish shoe rack and a standing coat hanger will allow your family and any guests to remove their shoes and overcoat before entering your home, thus protecting your carpets and minimising the dirt and allergens that are brought indoors.

5. Artwork

Make use of the space within your porch and display some of your favourite artwork or photographs. You could either hang small canvases or framed paintings and prints on the wall of your porch, or display framed photos on the windowsills. However, it might be best to avoid photos of you and your family in order to protect your identity.

If you have an open porch:

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6. Plants

An open porch is the perfect area in which to display an array of your favourite plants. You could have climbing plants, such as ivy or clematis, growing up the pillars of your porch. Or perhaps a couple of hanging baskets or a selection of different types of plant potted in interesting and unusual containers to let your personality shine through.

7. Seating

If your home has a large open porch at the front it can be nice to sit there on a summer’s evening and watch the world go by. You should aim to keep the seating in line with the overall style of your house and porch, and opt for chairs and sofas that are designed for use outdoors. If it’s wooden seating that you are looking for the Charming Bench company has some fantastic benches in a variety of colours and finishes that would compliment any open porch. It’s also a good idea to use furniture covers to protect them from the elements when not in use.

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8. Lanterns

Rustic-style lanterns containing tealight candles can be placed on a table, lining the path up to your front door, or hanging from the porch ceiling to create a welcoming atmosphere. Rather than using actual candles, you could use long-lasting LED tealights to create the same effect without posing a fire hazard.

9. Heating

Having a large front porch often means spending evenings sitting with friends and family, enjoying a drink together or playing board games, so keeping warm is an important factor, and one that you can do stylishly. An outdoor heating lamp, either freestanding or mounted to the wall, can provide warmth; or why not use a rustic-style fire pit or log burner?

10.Soft Furnishings

If you have furniture on your porch such as chairs and a small table, the addition of soft furnishings can help to make it feel more homely and inviting. Things like cushions and blankets add colour and texture, as well as ensuring you are comfortable and warm. A vintage trunk used as a coffee table can be used to store the blankets etc when not in use.

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Hannah Stevens is the content and social media manager for Meadow Hill Conservatories, a UK-based company specialising in windows, doors, and conservatories. She enjoys sharing her knowledge of home improvement, and in her spare time, Hannah enjoys camping, walking, baking, and reading fantasy novels.