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6 Best Video Games To Make Your Brain Smarter

6 Best Video Games To Make Your Brain Smarter

Call of Duty! Super Mario! Battleship 4! Videos games are biggest enemies of our parents. They are always considered as the true culprit behind the poor performance in the academics. That’s why there are sites out there that help you save time on your game so you can focus on your studies – they do all the hard work for you. Why not check out something like www.unrankedsmurfs.com to show you what is on offer? The gamers are always tagged as lazy and anti-social being. These were all the negatives about gaming and now let me show you the positive side. How can video games make you smarter?

Some researchers have shown that gaming can increase brain function, problem-solving skills, spatial reasoning, memory, strategic planning, and even social skills. But there is numerous videos game available, and of different genres. So, I have picked up the best 6 videos games of 6 different genres to let you know how effective they are to make you smarter.

6 Best Video Games To Make Your Brain Smarter

1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Games to make your brain smart-The Witcher 3

This belongs to the genre Role Playing Games (RPG). It has complex world and stories, incredible graphics and a broad gameplay streams. A game for the ages, a rich and immersive world full of significant decisions and a feeling of intelligent and epic fantasy.

Coming to the benefits, it involves loads of reading. Such games mostly have the huge description which enables the player to proceed to the game. And while reading, they may encounter may new words, as hence will increase their verbal skills. I too learned many words from such games. It involves various levels of mathematics. Players may be called upon to perform some mathematical functions for different situations to lead their way in the game. These also encourage to form groups for more activities. It helps you to socialize and learn many new things.

Try out some similar games like Xenoblade Chronicles X, Final Fantasy, and Bloodborne.

2. Age of Empires II: HD Version

Games to make your brain smart-Age of Empires II

This belongs to the genre Real Time Strategy (RTS) Games. In the game Age of Empires II it is all about building castles, gathering resources, and ultimately conquering opponents by destroying their units and advancing from the Dark Ages to Imperial Age.

RTS games include lots of intellectual activities. It helps our brain to make a plan and manage it within the given time and using the limited resources.  It helps the brain to enhance problem-solving skills. It enhances creativity. Makes the player flexible and quick enough to come out with new techniques to tackle the problems. At the same time, it improves memory and concentration. It has been shown to improve skills in reading, mathematics, and other academic subjects.

Some similar games are like StarCraft 2, Call on Duty, Battleship 4 and Age of Mythology.

3. Portal 2

Games to make your brain smart-Portal 2

This belongs to the Puzzle genre. The main aim is to get out of the evil lab by using the portal gun. It uses a blue portal or orange portal and only one entry and exit at a time. And as the game advances the features of the gun increases and the difficulty level increases.

Gives your brain a workout. It uses problem-solving, memory, spatial reasoning, and attention to detail that can boost brain function and IQ. It improves motor skills and reaction time. As these games have the very simple rule, you can just start playing at any time, and can hold back boredom.

Some equal interesting games are like Little Big Planet, The Escapist, and Infinifactory. Also, there are many hit games which you can play on your smartphones like Cut the Rope Series and Two Dots.

4. FIFA 16

Games to make your brain smart-FIFA 16

This belongs to the genre Sports games. It creates an environment where the player can have life-like experience of playing soccer. It is about winning a tournament by forming new teams and testing other players. There are many models resembling the world’s best soccer players and the game players get to know their personalities better.

Such games create immense interest about the sports rules,  history, and different winning strategies.  It allows for creative self-expression, deep understanding of game rules and structure, and new ways of highlighting personalities and interests.

It helps to understand where and when to change the current tactics in use and improves concentration. One learns teamwork. Intact sports game are all about teamwork. It involves quick thinking and making fast analysis and decisions are involved, often in situations that are constantly changing. It encourages exercise. Player practice the new moves learned from the sport and also many people took sports they were introduced to them in video games.

You can also try some similar games like NBA 2K15, Desert Golfing and Pro Evolution Soccer 2015.

5. Farming Simulator 2015

Games to make your brain smart-Farming Simulator

It belongs to Simulation games genre. Farming simulator 2015 is about a farmer buildings his farm. You will be in the role of the modern-day farmer, who grows the crop and harvest them. Raise livestock to earn money. It involved breeding of different kind of animals, and buying new machinery for the farm.

The player learns decision-making skills, and by pushing into the harder levels, they learn through trial and error method. It improves strategic thinking and creates better psychomotor skills, and development of analytical and spatial skill. It enhances the iconic skills and visual selective attention.

Some other simulation games are like Microsoft Flight Simulator X, The SIMS 4 and American Truck Simulator.

6. Minecraft

Games to make your brain smart-Minecraft

This belongs to the genre Action Adventure. Minecraft is a particular favorite among educators. It consists of building and destroying different blocks representing trees, dirt, rocks, water, and many more that are randomly generated. It has five modes survival, creative, hardcore, spectator and adventure.

It is believed that the game teaches young students reading skills, the importance of cooperation and how to problem solve. It improves construction skills and understanding planning. It engages the reflexes and increases creativity. Makes the player more logical and stretches their critical thinking.

More games to enhance your creativity and brain are Super Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Batman: Arkham Knight.

Summing It Up

With knowing all the benefits of playing video games, you should always remember that gaming should be done in moderation. There should be a proper balance between play and work.If you’d rather buy accounts than spend your time playing, you can do so, on sites like league of legends accounts for sale, to help speed up the gaming process!

So now get up destroy your enemies, hit the goal, capture the digitals flags. Feel free to play these games, because you are doing good not only for yourself but also your brain. So, “Play to Learn”!

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