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5 Best Places To Visit In Philippines To Experience Its Authenticity

5 Best Places To Visit In Philippines To Experience Its Authenticity

This is a guest post by Glenn who is a Filipino traveler and loves to experience the uniqueness of different places here in the Philippines. 

“Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport.” –Author Unknown

Situated in Southeast Asian and in the western Pacific Ocean, the Philippines is a modest sovereign island that plays home to more than 7000 islands. Fondly and appropriately given the sobriquet, “Pearl of the Orient Seas,” this is a country with a myriad of cultures, countless picturesque landscapes, and scenic beaches—all ripe for any traveler’s exploration. A visit to this Southeast Asian country would give not only give you an experience worth filling your memory book with but would also allow you to glimpse the diverse foreign cultures they have grown to adapt over the years resulting in the kind of Filipino culture we know and are aware of today. However, it is also a well-known fact that a visit to the country would give you a multitude of activities to enjoy.

From beach havens, teeming mega-cities, majestic volcanoes, gastronomic excursions and emerald rice fields, there is always something for every type of traveler out there. If the Philippines is one of your travel destinations during your next trip, be sure to include these five places in your itinerary.

5 Best Places To Visit In Philippines To Experience Its Authenticity

1. Pampanga

Best Places To Visit In Philippines- Pampanga

Known to be the culinary capital of the Philippines, Pampanga should be one of the stops of any food enthusiasts looking for a truly Filipino epicurean experience. Apart from the signature dishes that could only be sampled in this city, you can get to see a unique rendition of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ performed by the locals every Holy Week. Witnessing this ritualistic practice called Maleldo is just one of the things to do in San Fernando, Pampanga and there is a whole lot more. The province has its fair share of adventure parks, casinos, and resorts for individuals with a penchant for an adrenaline rush and gambling exploits.

Best Things To Eat In Philippines-Sisig Dish

Sisig Dish

Sisig dish – one of the famous Filipino dish originated in Pampanga and a must-try dish for foreigners. Perfect as “pulutan” best partner of beer.

2. Surigao del Sur

Best Places To Visit In Philippines- Surigao del Sur

If you are looking for a less crowded and less expensive stay to Philippine’s beach capital Boracay, consider Surigao del Sur as a worthy alternative. Although it is often overlooked as people favor the other Surigao (Surigao del Norte) owing to its ideal surfing spots and breathtaking lagoons, Surigao del Sur also has a lot to offer in terms of marine life.  Surigao del Sur also a picturesque lagoon with stingless jellyfish called the Blue Lagoon in the municipality of Cantilan. It is also teeming with idyllic and pristine white beaches that are thankfully, not as crowded as the shores of Boracay.

3. Puerto Galera

Best Places To Visit In Philippines- Puerto Galera.jpg

If you are looking for a beach nearer to the country’s capital, then Puerto Galera would be your best bet. Known to be Manila’s little Boracay, Puerto Galera is a charming coastal town that is well-known for its excellent diving spots and stunning beaches. Must-visit beaches would include the Sabang Beach and White Beach which would offer shopping, dining and nightlife districts nearby. If you want to see some of the best coral reefs or even catch a sight of old shipwrecks, visitors can go snorkeling in the natural harbor of Muelle Bay.

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4. Batanes

Best Places To Visit In Philippines- Batanes

If relaxing and being in-tune with nature is more of your thing, your trip to the Philippines should never miss a stop to Batanes. Known to be one of the most wanted tourist destinations in the Philippines, Batanes summed up in one word is: surreal. There is nothing short of beautiful in the lush greenery and beautiful landscapes in Batanes that anywhere possible and any angle you take it from would make a postcard-worthy and picturesque photo.

The serene ambiance would be sure to satisfy nature lovers with livestock roaming above endless green hills and massive cliffs overlooking oceans. Indeed, a visit to Batanes will give you unique sceneries unlike any other.

5. Palawan

Best Places To Visit In Philippines- Palawan.jpg

Named as the best vacation spot in the world, there is absolutely no reason for one not to visit Palawan. If you happen to have time only for one place to visit in the Philippines, then without question, it should be Palawan. If you are in the country to see majestic beaches, spectacular sights, and islands, then you would have more than your fair share in Palawan.

Some of the things you can experience are the amazing underwater and over water views in El Nido and Coron, five-star accommodations and city tours that would include island hopping excursions as well as a trip to the Underground River which happens to be the longest navigable underground river in the world.

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Summing It Up

Best Places To Visit In Philippines.jpg

A trip to the Philippines will surely invigorate a traveler’s enthusiasm for adventure, awaken the senses of a foodie, amaze a beach bum and definitely ensnare visitors and foreigners all over the world. On your next Southeast Asian Trip, visit the Philippines and make sure the places listed above would be one of your stops and let the wonders of this little country captivate you.

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Glenn is a Filipino traveler who loves to experience the uniqueness of different places here in the Philippines. He is passionate for writing different articles about the travels that he has gone through to share how beautiful our country was. He is currently writing for Alviera