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4 Best Interior Design Trends To Look Out For This Summer

4 Best Interior Design Trends For Summer

This is a guest post by Roman Winter, an aspiring freelance writer with a love for fashion, property and finance.

We’ve become a generation obsessed with social media – from obsessively updating our Facebook statuses to piecing together our dream homes on Pinterest. The constant barrage of images from interior design blogs and social media can make even the most design-focused individual feel self-conscious about their home and choice of decor.

The modern interior is always in flux, and with new trends popping up all the time, it can be difficult to distinguish between a lasting trend and a fleeting fad from feminine to masculine interiors the trends and interior design styles change as often as the seasons. With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get your home in order and establish your style. With just a few small changes you can create your dream home that you’d be proud to show off on social media.

Top 4 Interior Design Trends To Look Out For This Summer

1. Hide The Gadgets

We’ve finally reached a saturation point with our technology, and we’re starting to see more and more people move towards putting the gadgets away and focusing on building family friendly spaces. As much as parents might like to blame their kids for the excessive screen time, surveys have shown that the parents are just as much to blame for the decline of family interaction in the home. We’re starting to see a gradual purge of electronics from key areas of the house to create tech-free zones perfect for socializing and spending quality time with your loved ones.

In addition to hiding the tech from particular zones in the home, we’re also seeing many homes banish unsightly cables with smart charging stations for your phones, tablets and laptops. These charging stations are designed to fit seamlessly into your interior decor, resulting in a minimalist, streamlined look.

2. Showcase Your Personality

It can be tempting to try to keep on top of every interior design trend that makes its way onto Pinterest. From replacing all of your furniture with reclaimed pallet alternatives to organizing your pantry with vintage jars and chalkboard stickers. As enticing as this prospect might be, it would be difficult to keep up with every trend that crops up every season. Instead, you should focus on creating a timeless look and reimagine spaces around your home. Think of your wall colour and key furniture as the blank canvas on which you can add accessories and pops of personality.

The easiest way to make a house feel like a home is to introduce art on the walls that reflects your personality. Clever interior decorators are using innovative wall decals to create eye-catching designs on otherwise boring walls. The designs can easily be removed or replaced, so they are perfect for homeowners and renters. They can be used to add a focal point of interest in your home, and are the perfect non-permanent alternative to painting a statement wall.

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3. Bring The Outdoors In

Making the most of the furniture you already own is one of the easiest ways to update your home. These days, it’s not uncommon for outdoor furniture to make its way indoors. A second living area or a conservatory is the best place to make room for your outdoor furniture, particularly if you aren’t getting much use from it outside. Outdoor furniture will typically be harder-wearing and feature bold prints in hardy fabrics. Complete the look by pairing your outdoor cane furniture with large plants and palms to create an indoor oasis of calm. The durable fabrics offer a practical and comfortable alternative to traditional indoor furniture.

This style also works particularly well close to patio doors, which will allow you to create a seamless indoor/outdoor experience. This is also the ideal space to dedicate as a tech-free zone as it can serve as a secondary living area ideal for curling up with a book or enjoying time with family.

4. Create A Home Spa Experience

For years, bathrooms have served a very limited function in homes. They get a bad rep, and often end up as a dumping ground for various body lotions and cleaning potions. The biggest style update your bathroom can expect to see is a change in the bath mat and towel arrangement, and perhaps a new shower curtain. If Pinterest has taught us anything, it’s that de-cluttering and reclaiming a space can make you feel like you’ve moved into a fresh new space.

Reclaiming your bathroom as a space to relax and unwind is perhaps the easiest way to join in on this trend. Start by de-cluttering your shelves and focusing on displaying trinkets and features that you might see in a spa. If you have enough room, introduce some furniture to the room such as a vintage chair or side table which can enhance the space and create a living environment. Finish the transformation with fresh flowers, candles and fluffy new towels and you’ll have your own personal spa experience right in your home.

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An aspiring freelance writer with a love for fashion, property and finance. He has seen his work published on several publications including MNSWR, Grooming Mail and First Time Buyers.